"Chasing the One You Love"

          "He what,” I said in disbelief as I watched Josh.

            “He packed his stuff, took my truck keys, and left,” he said as he walked over to me.

            “Why,” I asked him.

            “He said something about you saying that it would be better if you didn’t see him,” he said with a shrug.

            “Why does that boy take everything so literally,” I said as I ran a hand through my hair.

            “You didn’t want him to leave,” Josh said surprised.

            “God no! I just needed some space. Is he going home,” I asked.

            “Yeah,” he said nodding.

            “Amber can you pack me an overnight bag,” I asked with a sigh.

            “Yeah but why,” she asked me.

            “Because I’m flying back home to meet him,” I said as I grabbed my phone and went outside to call the airport. After twenty minutes I had a flight out in an hour. With a sigh I went back inside and ran up the stairs to my house.

            “You got a flight,” Amber asked when I walked in.

            “Yeah. I have an hour,” I said as I changed my clothes.

            “Why are you going after him,” Sid asked.

            “Because I love his stupid ass,” I said with a soft laugh as I grabbed my brush and pulled it through my hair.

            “So you want him back,” she asked with a smile.

            “Yes. I can’t live without him,” I told her.

            “I know,” she said happily.

            “Is my bag done,” I asked her. Amber nodded and I grabbed some money before leaving out. Amber followed me with my bag.

            “Come with me,” I asked them.

            “You know it,” Amber said with a smile. We all climbed into my car and I drove to the airport. I can’t believe his dumb ass actually left.

            “This is kind of romantic,” Sid said from the back.

            “How so,” I asked.

            “Well you guys had a fight and broke up. Now one of you left and the other doesn’t know if it’s forever so you grab your things and chase after him,” she said dreamily.

            “You are such a sap,” I said laughing.

            “Very true,” she said as we pulled into the airport parking lot.

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