"Back at the Beach House"

Kayla’s POV:

            After hours on the road we finally pulled back into the beach house drive way.  I looked over at Aidan and saw him smiling down at me. His face had to be hurting. He hadn’t stopped smiling since I had shown up at his house. I couldn’t blame him though I was pretty damn happy myself.

            When he turned the truck off we just sat there in silence for a minute. Then the front door was thrown open and all of our friends pilled out. I could help but to laugh at how eager they all looked as the searched the truck window. I hopped out and was instantly engulfed in a hug.

            “Hey,” Hunter said. “Is everything good again?”

            “Yes,” I said as I pulled back and reached my hand out for Aidan’s.

            “Thank god. I was starting to lose hope,” Hunter said as he glanced over at Emma.

            “I’m glad you guys are back together,” Amber said as she leaned over and hugged me tight to her chest.

            “Me to,” I said back quietly.

            “So how surprised wre you when Kayla showed up,” Josh asked Aidan as he clapped him on tehe back.

            “Extremely,” Aidan said as he smiled over at me.

            “He had this look on his face like he couldn’t believe his eyes,” I said laughing.

            “I’m sure. The poor guy though you had written him off,” Josh said as he grinned over at me.

            “I kind of had,” I said with a shrug.

            “Then why did you follow me,” Aidan asked as he walked over to me.

            “Because when you left I realized how much I needed you in my life,” I said as I wrapped my arms around him tight.

            “Thank god for that,” he whispered in my hair.

            “You guys are so sweet,” Emma said. When I looked up at her she was smiling shyly at us.

            “When you find the one person you’re meant to be with you can’t help but to be sweet,” Aidan told her.

            “And to ever think that we thought you were a bad guy,” Sid said.

            “I tried to tell you,” Adam said.

            “Whatever,” she scoffed back at him.

            “That’s why you can’t go by stereotypes,” Mathew said.

            “I know. I thought Patrick would be stupid at first,” I said giggling a little.

            “Why,” he asked surprised.

            “You were a jock. Most jocks are stupid,” I told him.

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