"The Road Trip"

            We went home right after graduation and packed all of our things. When we were done we all threw our things in our cars. We were now standing in my driveway trying to figure out how we were gonna do this.

            “How about me and Aidan in my car, Patrick and Amber in Patrick’s truck, Sid and Adam in Adams car, Emma and Hunter in his truck, Josh and Dustin in Josh’s truck, and Dad with Mathew,” I said.

            “Works for me,” Amber said.

            “Me too,” Dad said. “This is a five hour drive. We all have cell phones and if we get separated then you call or text to let everyone else know. Take plenty of breaks. Get food and drinks. Switch drivers if you want. Just be safe. Now does everyone have their money?”

            “Yes,” we all said.

            “Then load up,” he said with a smile as we all climbed into our cars. Me and Aidan had decided that we were gonna ride up together a few days ago and I begged him to let me take my car.

            “So how are the sleeping arrangements gonna go,” Aidan asked as I pulled out and drove behind Amber and Patrick.

            “I’m guessing we’re gonna pair up in couples.”

            “Your dad’s gonna let us do that,” he asked skeptically.

            “We’re all adults,” I said with a shrug.

            “I guess that’s true.”

            “Do you want to stop at this gas station and get something to drink and snack on?”

            “Sure,” he said. I pulled into the other lane and pulled into the gas station. We got out and walked into the store. It was pretty much empty so I made my way to the back where they had the drinks. I grabbed a vanilla coke before going to the snack aisle. I grabbed a bag of cheese combos to go with it before making my way to the checkout counter.

            There was a guy behind the counter that looked to be about my age. When I walked up he smiled over at me with a flirtatious smile. I smiled back at  him before digging my money out.

            “Four dollars and thirty-five cents,” he said. I handed him a five and grabbed my things off of the counter. I looked back and saw Aidan looking for a snack.

            “So where ya headed,” the boy asked me.

            “Down to the coast for the summer. I have a beach house down there,” I told him.

            “Must be nice,” he said with a smile.

            “It is. Especially since I just graduated. It’ll be a relaxing summer before I start college.”

            “What college you going to?”

            “University of Texas,” I told him.

            “That’s where I go! I’ll be a sophomore next year. You should look me up. My names Mark Donovan.”

            “Kayla O’Neil.”

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