Ch. 49 - Spill the Beans

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A/N: Honorifics have officially been dropped. Trying to keep track of them all was tiring, and then whenever I'd read through the published chapters I'd just... cringe, I guess? seeing the "-chan" so much. Deku and Iida will be the only ones to keep using honorifics, because they're the only ones that feel right using them to me.

By the way, the anime Fruits Basket is mentioned in this chapter. I wrote it under the impression you already know the characters and the story, but hopefully it still makes enough sense to stand on its own ^^;

On the other hand, if you haven't watched it, GO WATCH IT RIGHT NOW WHAT ARE YOU DOING IT'S AMAZING


Hitomi ran down the sidewalk, nearly tripping over her own two feet

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Hitomi ran down the sidewalk, nearly tripping over her own two feet. It was already dark out, the crisp night air nipping at her skin despite it still being summer.

Hitomi had gotten lost in her own little world at the boba shop, and before she knew it, she had 15 minutes left to get back to her dorm before she faced punishment for staying out after curfew.

She ran through the main gate of the campus, glancing at her phone to see she had two minutes left.

I can make it...!

The seconds ticked by as she ran down the pathway, Heights Alliance drawing nearer as she sped up.


She unceremoniously crashed through the door with 15 seconds to spare, dropping to her knees and panting from her run.

"Ah, Kanetsukabe-kun!" She heard Iida call from the common area. She looked up to see he was with Uraraka and Todoroki in the couches, while some of their other classmates were sitting at the dining tables. Midoriya was wiping the countertop, while Bakugou was vacuuming by the boys' baths.

Iida gestured a hand at her, as if to scold her. "What were you doing out so late?"

Hitomi got up from the floor, taking off her shoes as she walked to the couches.

"I was just hanging out with Nari, and I kinda lost track of time..." She rubbed her arms, the faint feeling of the crisp night air still lingering on her skin.

Iida noticed that, adjusting his glasses. "Don't stay out that late too often. Fall is approaching, and I would hate for you to get a cold."

Hitomi gave him a sheepish smile, nodding in an effort to placate his worry for her.

"Hitomi," Uraraka said, turning around in her seat. "Are you still up for dinner? There's some leftover ramen."

"No, that's okay. I already-"


Hitomi turned to find Mina and Kaminari marching towards her, with a curious Kirishima and an exasperated Sero trailing after them.

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