Ch. 27 - Exploring I-Expo (Two Heroes Movie)

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Woohoo new chapter! This actually contains minor spoilers for the conflict of the movie, so if you haven't already... GO WATCH IT!! Please... it's a good movie...


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Hitomi sat with Kirishima and the others as Class 1-A enjoyed a barbecue with All Might. The redhead had told her everything about what had happened at the central tower, revealing that it was not a bomb that activated the security system, but a group of villains that had hacked into it.

Apparently the villains had targeted an invention created by the lead scientist of I-Island, David Shield, that was locked in the tower, said to have the power to amplify quirks. Kirishima and several other of their classmates that had been invited to the banquet all worked together with David's daughter, Melissa, to get the security system back in working order, as well as stop the villains from escaping. They were clearly successful, because everyone along with All Might was enjoying lunch together, the incident behind them.

Hitomi was having a drink of water when Mina got up from their table, which consisted of her, Hitomi, Kirishima, Bakugou, Kaminari, and Sero.

"Now that we're all done," Mina exclaimed, "it's time to explore!"


Hitomi trailed after what she'd dubbed the "Bakusquad", because basically everyone was just following Bakugou through I-Island, save for herself. She was just following Kirishima.

Mina and Kaminari kept pointing out the sights, making the group stop every few minutes to marvel at the attractions.

After a while, the group stopped in front of a large tent, with a sign that said "ARCADE" at the top.

"Let's go inside!" Kaminari yelled as he and the others ran into the tent.

Hitomi and Bakugou were the only ones left outside.

"After all that time pointing out those grand attractions..." the blonde muttered, "the thing those idiots wanna check out is an arcade?" He scowled, but followed them inside nonetheless.

Hitomi watched the boy enter the tent, laughing at their group's antics as she trailed after him.


The bluenette explored the arcade a little, taking in all the different types of games before she finally found one of her classmates.

She came up behind Bakugou, peering over his shoulder to see he was playing a fighting game of some sort.

She saw Bakugou smirk as he won, surprising him a little when she said "Looks like fun."

"Huh? Shouldn't you be with Kirishima or something?"

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