Ch. 3 - Your Full Potential

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A/N: It's chapter three guys! :D I could've uploaded yesterday, but there was one last drawing I wanted to do that I'm really proud of. You'll see it at the end of the chapter!


Hitomi pulled on her blazer as she admired her outfit in the mirror

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Hitomi pulled on her blazer as she admired her outfit in the mirror.

This is it! A real Japanese school uniform!

Moving from Japan to America when she was 9 meant she had missed out on the Japanese school uniforms. UA was the first school she'd attend where uniforms were required, and she was probably more excited about that than any normal person should be.

Tying her hair up in her signature bun-ponytail with Nari's hair tie, she came downstairs to find a large breakfast laid out on the kitchen table.

Hitomi's mother turned from her place by the stove to find Hitomi hovering over the table.

"Congratulations on getting in Hitomi! I hope you don't mind today's breakfast, I was just so excited that my daughter is on her way to becoming a hero!"

"Ah, Mom, you didn't have to do all of this. I won't have time to eat all of it."

Her mother pushed Hitomi into a chair before returning to the stove. "Not if you don't start right now!"


Hitomi ran through the halls of UA, looking for a sign labeled 1-A.

She stopped as she turned a corner, finding a huge door with her class's name plastered on the front.

Her stomach churned. Although she definitely didn't eat her mother's entire breakfast, she probably should have eaten less waffles. Maybe then her anxiety wouldn't (hopefully) make her throw up in front of her future classmates.

She slid open the door slowly to find some people already inside at their desks and chatting with those around them.

Feeling eyes on her, she checked the seating chart on the board to find her name placed in the bottom left corner; it seemed like an extra desk was placed in the last row.

They really did just add me to the roster last minute, didn't they.

Scurrying to her seat behind a girl she assumed to be Yaoyorozu, she sat down and buried her head in her arms to quell her anxiety of the first day.

After a few minutes, a commotion sounded at the front of her row.

"Remove your foot from that desk! Such an action is insulting to those who came to UA before us as well as the craftsmen who made the desk!"

"Like I care! What middle school are you from, you extra?"

Hitomi raised her head as the two argued only to realize she recognized them from the entrance exam.

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