Ch. 48 - The Start of Second Term

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A/N: After withholding these chapters to myself since the very beginning of September, the Bakutomi arc, aka "Momo's Birthday Arc", has officially started! I'm so glad to finally be posting this stuff, I've been keeping it to myself for so long TvT



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A chorus of voices was the first thing Hitomi heard as the elevator doors opened, her noticing everyone crowded around the common area.

She yawned as she stepped out, noticing Bakugou and Midoriya at the center of it all vacuuming the floor.

"You guys fought..." Hitomi heard Mina start.

"... and now you're under house arrest?!" Tooru finished.

Hitomi walked towards the group, rubbing at her eye as she heard everyone calling the two boys variations of "stupid".

"Sorry, what's going on?"

"Midoriya and Bakugou duked it out!" Kaminari explained, pointing at them. "They fought after curfew, and now they're under house arrest as punishment. They're pretty dumb, if you ask me," he smirked.

"I heard that, Dunce Face!!" Bakugou yelled.

Kaminari waved him off, laughing as Hitomi made her way to the kitchen to get herself some breakfast.

So they fought, huh? I wonder why...

Hitomi made herself some toast, nibbling on it as she got her bag ready, and stared at the two boys.

Does it have something to do with Bakugou not passing the exam? But he has extra classes with Todoroki so he can get it in December, so he should be fine...

Bakugou caught her stare, and glared at her. "What?!" he growled.

"Oh, nothing..." Hitomi replied, continuing to eat her toast. "I just hope whatever you guys were fighting about has been resolved now."

Bakugou scowled at her, before returning back to his vacuuming.


Monoma had taken to gloating while everyone was by the shoe lockers, laughing at their class because of the fact Todoroki and Bakugou had failed.

"According to Vlad Teacher," a girl with blonde hair and large horns started, "we'll have classes together this semester! I'm looking forward to it!"

Hitomi heard bits of English throughout the girl's sentences, and the thick accent was enough to tell her the girl wasn't from Japan.

Kirishima brought his hands together, a smile adorning his face. "Oh, I can't wait to test out my skills!"

"Anyway, you're an exchange student, right?!" Kaminari asked, right as Monoma was whispering in the girl's ear.

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