Ch. 8 - The USJ Incident

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A/N: There is no picture to accompany this chapter this time around, because I really just wanted to post this now instead of waiting again for who knows how long. I don't want to keep you guys waiting too long! Maybe I should make an upload schedule, that'd probably be better...


Hitomi felt herself falling as she was hit with the smell of smoke.

She opened her eyes to realize she was falling towards a fire, and she knew there wouldn't be enough time to put a force field around herself.


She felt a hand grab her wrist, halting her fall. Looking up, she realized her classmate Mashirao Ojiro was holding onto her, while his tail was wound around a flagpole jutting out of the building they were by.


"Look, the kids are over there!" Hitomi looked down to see villains running towards them down on the ground. Without thinking, she threw a force field at them, knocking them down.

"Kanetsukabe-san, we need to get out of here..!" Ojiro's grip on Hitomi was starting to slip, before he decided to fling her onto his shoulder. He then vaulted off of the flagpole, jumping between buildings before finally finding a safe spot on the ground to land.

The two took a moment to catch their breath, and Hitomi was finally able to take in their surroundings.

Buildings were all around them, like a mini-cityscape, except for the large amount of fires spread about.

She was already starting to feel the effects of breathing in the smoke.

She coughed, squinting her eyes and turning to Ojiro. "We need to get out of here as soon as possible. The longer we breathe in the smoke, the harder it'll be to get past the villains. I'm positive there's a lot more in this area than the ones we just saw earlier."

"I agree. Kanetsukabe-san, how fast are you...?"

Hitomi grimaced. "Not very. I wouldn't be able to keep up with you, especially if I tried to run through all the fires..."

"I heard voices! I think those damn kids are over here!"

Hitomi and Ojiro snapped towards the sound of the voice, before Ojiro turned so his back was facing Hitomi.

"Get on, quickly! We have to make sure we're not caught. I can carry you on my back, but you'll have to hold on tight."


Hitomi clambered onto the boy's back just as the villains caught sight of them.

"There they are!"

Ojiro used his tail to jump into the air, bypassing the villains as Hitomi gripped his gi. Turning her head to glance at the villains, she made another force field, throwing it at them. The villains staggered, Hitomi and Ojiro disappearing from their sight as the students turned a corner.


Ojiro and Hitomi continued to navigate through the Fire Zone, Ojiro vaulting over villains while Hitomi attacked them with her force fields, still riding on Ojiro's back.

A muffled, yet loud crash was heard, making Ojiro stop at the sound. "What was that?!"

"Do you think that came all the way from the entrance?"

"Maybe. It sounded far enough to know that it definitely didn't come from in here."

More crashes sounded outside the Fire Zone, and Hitomi and Ojiro heard the faint sound of rushing water.

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