Ch. 31 - Yes, This is Hell

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Enjoy the lightheartedness of these chapters, the danger and panic are coming.


Hitomi let out a bloodcurdling scream as she expanded a force field, breaking through the mud dome encasing her

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Hitomi let out a bloodcurdling scream as she expanded a force field, breaking through the mud dome encasing her.

As soon as she saw sunlight, dirt rose to cover her again.

Hitomi sighed, falling to her knees in the darkness.

"Pixie-Bob... couldn't you let me rest a minute...? We've been at this for hours..."

Pixie-Bob's muffled voice was heard from the other side of the dirt dome.

"Villains don't give heroes time to rest, kitten!"

Hitomi sighed again, flopping to lay down on the ground.

It was officially the first day of quirk training, and it felt like absolute hell.

The class was doing all kinds of different things to strengthen their quirks, pushing themselves to the limit.

In Hitomi's case, Pixie-Bob would continually create dirt domes around Hitomi with her Earthflow quirk, having the bluenette expand force fields to break through. The purpose was to help Hitomi create bigger force fields in quicker succession, as well as get her body used to larger amounts of heat; heat particles would build up each time Pixie-Bob created a new dome, making the inside very stuffy and hard to breathe in.

This is only the first day...

Taking in the rich smell of soil, Hitomi got up, clenching her fists as her pupils glowed in the darkness.

This is all so I can be the best hero possible!

She let out another yell, breaking the dome with a force field. Immediately after, soil encased her again, leaving her in the dark once more.

"You're doing great, Kanetsukabe-chan! Keep going!"

Hitomi sighed, leaning back against the dirt surface.

Then again, I don't know how much more of this I can take...


7:30 pm...

After a refreshing shower and a simple dinner of curry, the Class A girls were sitting in a circle in their room, Jirou shuffling a deck of cards Mina had brought.

"It's too bad Mina couldn't join us..." Tooru said, the girls all feeling sympathy for the one stuck in remedial lessons.

"I'm sure she'll be fine," Yaoyorozu replied, running a brush through her hair. "It'll help strengthen her knowledge of being a hero, making her a better one in the future."

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