Ch. 53 - Being Sick Really Sucks

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"She's sick, alright

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"She's sick, alright."

Recovery Girl put down the thermometer that displayed "103.6°F."

"How long have you been feeling sick, Hitomi?" Kirishima asked.

Hitomi scratched her nose, sniffling a bit. "...honestly? Since Monday..." she mumbled.

"What?! You mean you've been sick for four days??"

"That's very irresponsible, young lady!" Recovery Girl berated her. "You should have been resting in bed, not going to school and making it worse!"

"But it's a new term; I didn't want to miss anything..."

"Hitomi, we literally live with our classmates now. I'm sure Iida or Yaoyorozu would've kept you up to date."


"No buts, young lady," Recovery Girl interrupted. "I can't heal you because you've exhausted yourself coming to school. All you can do now is rest. You're welcome to stay here in the infirmary, but if you go back to your dorm you can change into more comfortable clothes and rest in your room there."

"I think I'd rather go to the dorms... I don't want to stay in my uniform all day," Hitomi said before she sneezed.

"Alright then. Kirishima, help her back to the dorms."

"Yes, ma'am," Kirishima complied, helping Hitomi off the bed and leading her out of the room.

They made their way past the shoe lockers, on their way to change out of their gym clothes back in the locker room.

"You really don't have to walk me back, Kirishima."

"What are you talking about?! You're sick; it'd be super unmanly of me if I didn't."

Hitomi let out a small cough. "...don't worry about me. You shouldn't miss class just because I'm sick. I can make it to the dorms by myself; it's only a 5-minute walk, after all..."

"No way. What if you faint again? Or collapse? Or-"


She grabbed his arm, the two of them stopping in the middle of the corridor.

"Please?" she asked, giving him the best puppy dog eyes she could muster. Kirishima recoiled, looking away. "You need to learn the material more than I do. I'd feel guilty if you missed something important because of me..."

Kirishima avoided looking at her puppy dog eyes, but his resolve was breaking. He glanced at her briefly, before sighing.

"I'll only go if that's what'll make you happy," he said. "But," he suddenly grabbed her arm, pulling her with him down the hallway. "At least let me walk you to the changing rooms and the shoe lockers. That's the least I can do."

"That's fine!" Hitomi smiled.


Hitomi trudged down the walkway, back in her regular school uniform with the weight of her backpack dragging her down.

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