Chapter {O9} Suspicion

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Silence. That’s all there was at the kitchen table that morning.

 The Double Shot Expresso that I drank a few hours ago completely wore off, and the crash was beginning to settle in, to the point where the dull throbbing pain in my finger was long forgotten. All I wanted to do right now was move the plate away from in front of me, and lay my head down to sleep.

Apparently, David and my mother were feeling the same way.

Both of their eyelids were drooping, and they looked ready to pass out at any second. From my point of view, it looked pretty comical.

“Why are we all dead?” I muttered through half-closed lips, too tired to even open my mouth all the way. 

David merely looked at me, not even attempting to speak. His tired expression, coupled with the slight pout of his lips made him look so unbelievably adorable that I had to refrain from the sudden urge to walk over and ruffle his hair. Well, it wasn’t like I had enough energy to get up anyway.

“I couldn’t sleep. I kept on hearing voices.” My mother explained, zoning out. “Maybe I need to go see a psychiatrist.”

“I’m pretty sure that’s a symptom of schizophrenia.” I mumbled.

“That was just Cat and I up all night. Cat couldn’t sleep so I stayed up with her.” David explained after shaking his head to snap himself awake. Dead boy speaks.

“Well, at least I’m not going crazy.” My mom said, making a great effort to pick up her fork and start eating the food in front of her she had barely touched.

David chuckled and leaned over before gentle planting a kiss on her forehead. I was too exhausted to have a reaction to that exchange.

“I think I’m going to go to the store now. I have to be there to open.” My mom said with a sigh before she got up from her chair.

With a small wave that David and I reciprocated, my mother left the kitchen and soon after, the house, and I was left home alone, once again, with David.

My mother’s departure did nothing to wake me up, though. In fact, I felt more dead with the absence of one more source of body heat.

“Would it be possible for me to exit the room and possibly sleep right now?” I asked David politely. Fatigue screwed up my personality.

Unfortunately, David had already drifted off to sleep, leaning his head on the table, so he didn’t hear my question at all.

“Hello?” I continued, extending the ‘o’ unnecessarily. “Stop ignoring me.” Yup, I was delusional.

Rethinking the possibility of David actually sleep-replying to what I was saying, I decided that it would be a much more realistic idea to sleep too. So I moved the plate over from in front of me, plopped my head down on the table and dozed off.


I opened my eyes and was immediately greeted by a blinding beam of sunlight, streaming in through my bedroom window.

I instantly closed my eyes again to prevent any permanent damage on my eyes and attempted to go back to sleep, but the damn sunlight was burning me now.

Annoyed at the sun, I attempted to roll over and nearly fell off my bed.

“Haven’t you slept enough now?” An amused voice came from my right.

Startled, I whipped my head up, and saw David smirking at me from his seat at my desk.

I rolled my eyes at him and plopped my head back down on the fluffy pillow.

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