Chapter {O3} Life Goes On

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“Senioritis is a really serious condition, you know.”

I stiffly raised my head off of my desk and slowly turned my head towards the direction the voice had come from.

“Shut up, Stephen, I don’t have senioritis.” I managed to croak out at the blond-haired boy was standing next to my desk with his arms crossed before placing my head back onto my desk.

“Are you sure? Because you don’t come to school at least once a week, the highest test grade you’ve gotten this year so far is a 70, and you never hand in homework on time.” Stephen pointed out matter-of-factly.

“What homework?” I mumbled into my desk.


“Oh, leave her alone. She just…unhappy about her new step-father.” A new voice suddenly said.

I whipped my head up and saw Ann grinning down at me. I stuck my tongue out at her.

I had called her the night before to both apologize for acting like a bitch, and to explain my new situation with a deceiving, good-looking, obnoxious new step-father. She promptly laughed the entire time, saying that my mom was “workin’ it.” I didn’t even know how to reply to that…

“Your mom’s getting remarried again?” Stephen asked, emphasizing the again, while widening his eyes.

I nodded slowly, sighing in relief as the bell rang, signifying the start of first period. The teacher wasn’t here yet, so I decided to rest my eyes for just a little bit longer.

I hadn’t been able to get a whole lot of sleep last night. David had left pretty early, so I spent most of the day hanging out with my mother, but his presence still lingered in the house, and to be honest, I didn’t like it too much. And to think, I’ll be stuck with that for God knows how long.

Eventually my teacher, Mr. Ravitz, walked into class, muttering an apology for being late, and I was forced to pretend I was listening.

Near the end of the boring English lecture, there was a knock on the door, successfully knocking me out of my half-asleep state. More interested in the person who knocked than Oedipus Rex, I stared intently at the door until my teacher opened it.

Standing on the other side of the door was a boy who looked to be about my age I had never seen before. He had light brown hair and bangs that stopped just above his light blue eyes, and he had an undisputable aura of confidence around him.

He handed my teacher a yellow slip of paper, and with a nod, he walked away.

As soon as Mr. Ravitz closed the classroom door, everyone started whispering to each other. Amongst the clamor, I heard people, more specifically girls, saying things like, “Who was that? A transfer student?” and “I hope I have some classes with him.”

I sighed when I heard the undeniable voice of Ann among the love-struck girls.

I had to admit he was pretty cute, but I didn’t think it was that big of a deal. Everyone else seemed to think otherwise. I heard Stephen grumble something incoherent from his seat next to mine, and I snickered at the apparent pissed-off expression on his face.

Mr. Ravitz eventually gave up on trying to settle everyone down for the last few minutes of lecture, and instead read the slip of paper the boy who was everyone’s center of attention right now had given him.

Suddenly, his eyes fixated onto mine, and he crooked his finger at me, beckoning me towards him.

Confused, I stood up, feeling Stephen’s eyes on me as I walked over to my teacher’s desk. The rest of the class was too busy obsessing over the mysterious boy to realize what was happening with me.

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