Chapter {O4} Progression

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“Mom, I’m home!” I called into the house as soon as I stepped in. No one replied.

I threw my bag and my coat on the ground like I always did when I got home and walked further into the house, curious as to why my mother didn’t come running out to greet me like she normally did. I secretly hoped I wouldn’t accidentally walk in on something that might scar me for life.

I walked through the entire first floor in search of my mom and possibly David, but I didn’t see anyone, so I proceeded to walk up to the second floor.

The first thing I noticed was that the door to my mom’s room was open with the light on, so I made my way towards that direction.

As I got closer to the room, I heard voices from inside. Curious about what was so intensely going on inside that they didn’t even hear me come in, I silently crept towards the open door, making sure not to make any noise that might alert them of my presence.

When I got close enough, I heard the distinctive sound of someone…sniffling? Was my mom crying?

I discretely peered into the room to see what was going on, where I saw my mom sitting on the bed in David’s arms. I had been right; she was crying. She had her face buried into his shoulder, and tremors rocked her fragile body as David rubbed her back soothingly, muttering what I assumed to be reassurances into her ear.

Why was she crying? My mother never cried; even after all those men had abandoned her, she didn’t shed a single tear. She merely became numb and unresponsive. Whatever had happened now was definitely something I couldn’t ignore, but David’s presence kept me sane. He was there for my mother, and at that moment, I couldn’t have been more grateful for that.

Instead of running in to comfort my mother like I instinctively felt like doing, I decided to give my mom and David some privacy. If they wanted to share with me what was wrong, they would.

I quickly turned around and headed in the direction of my room, nearly tripping on the carpeting and giving myself away.

As soon as I made it to my room, I quietly shut the door and sat down at my desk, turning my Alienware laptop on, and waiting for it to start up.

I tried to push the thoughts of my mother’s woes away, but it constantly nagged at my brain. So, I did the one thing I could think of doing at a time like this; I picked up my phone and called my older sister.

She picked up after a few rings

“Hello?” Came the groggy voice at the other end of the receiver.

“Sylvia!” I cried when I heard her familiar voice.

“Cat? Why are you calling so early…Oh god, it’s 4.”

“Did I just wake you up?” I asked her in a disbelieving tone.

“Yeah, I had the night shift again last night.” She said as I heard her shuffling around.

My older sister, Sylvia, was a 22-year-old, engaged, doctor-in-training. She moved out of my mother’s house when she turned 18 to further her studies without the constant problems of my mother in the next town over. I used to visit her house and stay over a lot, but ever since she got engaged and started working late nights, I decided to leave her to her life.

“So why the sudden call?” My sister asked, sounding a lot more awake than she did a few moments ago.

“What, I can’t call my favorite big sister?” I asked her, feigning hurt. I missed hearing the comforting voice of my big sis.

“Oh shush, you know that’s not what I mean.” She scolded me.

“So, have you met mom’s new boyfriend?” She asked. I flinched, not wanting to really talk about him. But I gave in.

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