Chapter {O5} Change

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“Cat! You missed so much yesterday! Why were you being so antisocial?” Ann’s cheery voice greeted me as soon as I made it to my locker.

“What happened?” I asked, watching her out of the corner of my eye as I threw my coat into my locker and grabbed the books I would need for first period.

“I found out a crapload of information about that new kid.” She explained, her eyes lighting up like a little girl on Christmas morning.

“Like what?” I asked, as I shut my locker and began to walk in the general direction of my classroom.

“His name’s Leo, he’s part of some foreign exchange thing from Ireland, and he’s staying here for a month to experience what it’s like to be in an American school.” She said all in one breath.

“Oh, cool.” I absentmindedly said; my thoughts floating off elsewhere.

“Why aren’t you more excited about this, Cat?! He has a really cute Irish accent too!” Ann exclaimed, tugging at my arm.

I pulled my arm out of her grasp and flicked her forehead.

“Get it together; you have a boyfriend.” I said, fake reprimanding her. It was impossible to stop her when she became remotely interested in someone.

“Ugh, I doubt we’re going to be together any longer. He’s being an ass lately.” She replied with a grimace. I took my chance to expertly change the subject.

“Why? What’s going on?” Half interested, but still half not. She went through guys like tissues; this would be the third guy in the past year that she’s had problems with, so it wasn’t anything new or something to worry too much about.

She continued telling her story about what happened between her and her boyfriend until we had to go separate ways for our classes. Sometimes Ann and my mother were so alike. They would never learn that guys were all the same; they couldn’t be trusted. I instantly thought of David and grimaced at the thought.

The shrill ring of the bell signifying the start of first period snapped me out of my reverie and I jogged the rest of the way to my first class. Thankfully, the teacher didn’t start teaching yet, so I was able to slip in without any problems.

I took a seat in the back, setting down my bag on the chair next to me to avoid having to bend over later if I needed to get something out of my bag. Good thing my friend who normally sat next to me was absent.

I swiftly grabbed a notebook and pen from out of my bag and put them on my desk, determine to do some intense note-taking in class today.

I was writing the date and some other relevant information onto a blank page when I felt a tap on my shoulder.

I whipped my head up to see who is was, while flicking my hair out of my eyes, and came face-to-face with Ann’s latest obsession; Leo.

“Yeah?” I asked, curtly. I didn’t really think it was necessary to treat him any better than I would anyone else just because he wasn’t from around here.

“I was just wondering if anyone was sitting here.” He said, gesturing to the seat next to me where I had dumped all my stuff. Wow, he really does have a cute accent –

“Oh, no one is, sorry.” I said as I reached over and grabbed all my things before dumping them on the ground next to my desk. I immediately went back to my blank notebook and proceeded to doodle random circles and stars all over the page.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him sit down and organize his things before a girl in my class, Tiffany, walked up to him and struck up a conversation while leaning on my desk.

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