Chapter {O6} Childish

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“So, these are my friends.” I said to Leo, while gesturing to my friends sitting at a table in the middle of the cafeteria.

“Nice to meet you all.” He greeted them with a friendly smile.

The girls in my group of friends instantly attacked him, asking him to sit down next to them before they began to pry into his private life by asking him things like if he had any girlfriends before and the like.

I just gaped at them; they didn’t even offer me a seat. Jerks.

“Cat, move! I can’t see the clock!” I heard my friend Liz suddenly cry out. I narrowed my eyes at her. She was the one who had all her stuff on an empty chair, and prevented me from resting my poor, out-of-shape legs.

“Why don’t you move your crap so I can sit!” I cried back with fake anger.

“Fine!” She answered while stifling a grin as she threw her bag and coat on the ground.

I sat down, throwing Ann a glare who was too busy openly flirting with Leo to even notice.

I shook my head at her, wondering if she actually broke up with her boyfriend now.

Just then, the bell rang, signifying the end of the lunch period. I had spent most of the period with Leo, reluctantly showing him around the school, like what each wing of the school was, and answering any questions he had about the school in general. Surprisingly, he wasn’t snotty or obnoxious like I had wrongly assumed him to be. Eh.

But thankfully, I had the next period off so I could relax and do some of my unfinished homework then.

The rest of my friends left, leaving Ann, who also had a free period, Leo, who had to follow me around like a shadow and I. We all moved to a smaller and more secluded portion of the cafeteria.

“So, Leo, how do you like it here so far?” Ann inquired.

“I like it. It’s different, but really interesting.” Leo responded with a smile to Ann.

I started dozing off staring at a wall while Ann and Leo conversed.

“Cat! Wake up!” Ann suddenly shouted, making me jump in my seat.

“What?! Why?! I wasn’t even sleeping!” I shouted back. I heard Leo snicker from beside me.

“Well, I was asking you a question and you didn’t answer!”

“Then ask me now!” I said, lowering my voice when one of the teachers on cafeteria duty shot me a warning glance for shouting so much.

“Paranormal Activity 2 is out. We should go tomorrow after school.” Ann told me with a very business-like expression.

I stiffened.

“You know I can’t handle horror movies.” I said softly.

“It’s alright; we’ll have Leo with us, right?” She replied, flashing Leo a charming grin.

“Oh, sure, I guess.” He replied like a deer in headlights.

I groaned. If we were really watching Paranormal Activity 2 tomorrow, I was going to have a very long weekend of not-sleeping.

“Do we really have to – “ I tried reasoning before I was cut off.

“Yes. I’ve been waiting for this movie all year. And I will not enjoy it alone without my best friend.” Ann told me dismissively.

I sighed in defeat and shot Leo a glance. Maybe he could try to dissuade her.

Surprisingly, Leo was able to decipher by look of dismay and spoke up.

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