Chapter 14: Random Encounters

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Command Center, Nemesis.

Unfortunately, Megatron was wrong.

Everything went downhill after the day Shockwave and his team landed. He had instructed specific orders to Soundwave to hide the human from the new arrivals. She was forbidden to wander outside Soundwave's quarters without the TIC near her. The mech told his creations about this.

Rumble and Frenzy did not get the memo.

"Are you sure this is safe?" Cecilia whispered, hiding behind Rumble's frame.

She was now comfortable to speak with Soundwave's family. Even if she spoke really quiet, the siblings enjoy hearing her voice. It was soft and soothing.

"'Course it is. Old Meg's did tell you to stick with the Boss. We're a part of him so we count right bro?" Frenzy nudged his twin who was standing beside him.

"Yup. C'mon Ceci, we're just going to the medbay. Doc Knock did tell you that you're safe there." Rumble jerked his head to the hallway.

Before she could answer, Frenzy scooped her up bridal style and started walking. She gave a surprised squeak and held on to his neck.

Rumble laughed and caught up with his twin. "You sound like a...a... Err, what's the word?" he scratched the back of his helm.

Frenzy gave a sigh. "A mouse," he answered.

Primus, he loved his brother but seriously?!

"Yeah, a mouse!"

"I'm just glad that the organic version isn't like our glitch-mouse."

"Pshh, you scared?"

"Pit no, just... Uncomfortable."

"Lier, I know you're scared of 'em."







"Nu- OoOf!" Rumble walked straight into a wall.

Frenzy snickered. Cecilia, who was in his arms and was quiet during the childish argument, gave a soft laugh. Honestly, they were acting like 6-year-old kids. While the brothers were shooting dirty looks at each other, she had the suspicion to look up.

Turns out it was not a wall.

She saw a Cybertronian that she never met before on the ship. He must be one of the new arrivals that came yesterday. He had purple and beige colors on him.

This mech's face looked like a glowing, grinning, childish, mischievous, Jack-o-lantern. Literally. She raised an eyebrow as the mech bent down, plucked her out from her spot in Frenzy's arms, then ran down the hall in two seconds flat.

She could hear Rumble and Frenzy yelling behind them as her captor transformed into a jet.

"Random! Get yo aft back here!"


The Ark, Jasper, Nevada. (Finally!)

::Yo, Bossbot! I just heard from Cosmo that the new 'cons made it to the Nemesis!::

Blaster pinged from his comm.

Optimus Prime sat on his seat in his office. He usually does not do much paperwork, his SIC handles most of them, but with the new Decepticon arrivals, which some of the humans saw and recorded their unexpected landing, he had to sign some papers from the government.

::My thanks for informing me Blaster, send Cosmo my gratitude as well.:: Prime sent back.

The large mech gave a sigh and he read the last stack of datapads on his desk. The humans have been rather paranoid these days. From what he gathered from Blaster, Jazz and the other bots, civilians were publishing false images and information about his Autobots.

Strangely enough, the Decepticons have targeted various places around the world but they didn't bother with the town the Autobots were currently residing in. They knew where the Ark is. His troops have encountered numerous spies, most of them were Buzzsaw and Laserbeak.

He heard a knock on his door and he sent a ping of acknowledgment. The metal doors slid open and a black and white Praxian mech stepped in, his expression was cleared from emotions. The mech gave a sharp nod.


"Prowl, " Optimus gave a warm smile at his Second in Command as he gestured him to sit on the chair in front of his desk.

Prowl did as so, his doorwings flicked gently as he looked at his Prime.

"You wanted to see me?" he asked.

Optimus nodded, signing his last datapad and placed it on a neat pile at the end of his table. He folded his arms together and placed them on the table.

"I have some things to discuss with you."


"Sunny, I'm bored."

With those three words mechs and humans around and in the room halted their conversations. Some choked on their energy. Some did a spit take while they drank their coke.

Two of them were Cliffjumper and Epps.

Incredulity and terror flashed through them all as they stared at the two brightly colored forms in the back of the rec room. One managed to break the silence.

"What?" Mirage asked. One optic ridge raised.

Sideswipe gave the mech an overdramatic sigh, crossed his arms in a lazy fashion and cocked his head upwards.

"I'm bored," he repeated.

His twin brother growled in annoyance.

"Then go and play with the Dinobots." Sunstreaker rumbled.

Mechs around them shivered as they heard the sentence he spoke. Never mess with the Dinobots unless you want to get slagged.

"But I don't wanna!" The red twin whined. His vocals set in a ridiculously high pitch. His lips formed into a pout.

Sunstreaker was quiet for a few minutes. Mechs around them started to continue their conversations with their friends. He had shut his side of the bond with Sideswipe, only because he knew that when he didn't his idiotic twin would pester him with weird and infuriating questions.

A few emotions bled out from his slowly crumbling wall as he revised a plan in his head. Sideswipe gave his twin confused look. Usually, he was the one who sent cheerful and mischievous feeling across the bond.

This is going to be really interesting.

Sunstreaker subspaced his drawing pad and stylus and gave a sadistic smirk at his brother.

"I know what will keep us both entertained," he spoke.

He stood up and dragged his brother with him out the door.

Bluestreak, who saw what happened, nudged Smokescreen carefully. The older Praxian was gambling again. This time, a few human soldiers joined in.

"What do you think their gonna do?" he whispered.

White and blue doorwings twitched.

"I don't know Blue. Just don't follow them or Prowl's gonna have my helm on a silver platter." Was the reply he got.

The young gunner fluttered his doorwings as he drank the rest of his energon.


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