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Chapter 8-Comfort


To say that things with Arianna weren’t working out was an understatement, it seemed that I could do nothing right when it came to that girl and that was a startling reality for me. All my life I’d had it easy when it came to girls, I didn’t have to try hard to make one of them end up at my apartment and it seemed like to them I was perfect given that they always wanted to come back for more. Love was something I’d intentionally kept away from and that just wasn’t because every relationship I saw which had love as its foundation was at the brink of self-destruction but also because no girl I’d ever come across wanted to know the real me. Girls were attracted to the mystery that was Zach Price, the arrogant, self-centered jerk who used them and then left them with a simple pair of diamond earrings as a parting gift. Some struggled to get me to commit, thinking they’d be the one to change me but the moment they began seeing through me, the moment they saw the insecurities and got a glimpse of my temper they ran.

My parents weren’t too pleased with the playboy image of the only heir to the Price Empire and they decided to do something about it and my father was never one for subtlety. Olivia Bell was their cure for me, the leggy brunette with her translucent skin and deep brown almond shaped eyes was the girl for me or so they thought. I’d agreed to marry her, at first only due to the fear of disinheritance but the more time I spent with her the more I realized that I could see myself spending the rest of my life with her. She was free, she was vivacious, she wasn’t afraid to say what was on her mind and she was charming as hell. I found myself attracted to her in a way that I hadn’t really felt attracted to a woman before, not only was she insanely gorgeous but she wasn’t like the pretentious girls who lusted after my money and my body.

Or at least that was what I thought.

For the first time in my life I was glad that I was incapable of falling in love, that I was incapable of trusting someone with my heart because what had I done that then the extent of damage Olivia’s actions had done would’ve been far greater.

I wasn’t devastated, I wasn’t broken hearted-I was furious, raging and seething. To top it all off to have to marry that woman’s kid sister was so utterly embarrassing and demeaning. I had no idea what my parents or her parents had been thinking marrying me to that school girl but the only reason that I hadn’t stormed out of the church that day was because my best friend for all purposes Liam had made me see the bigger picture-I needed to get married to inherit the Price Enterprises, plus he seemed to be convinced that Arianna was a much better person than her sister.

In the weeks that I’d known her I had begun to see what Liam meant. Arianna might still be childlike in her stubbornness and innocence but she had a good heart. I had married her out of greed but she’d married me to protect her family’s reputation and her father’s career. She’d left behind her boyfriend someone she obviously loved for the sake of people who’d sacrificed her happiness so easily.

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