Practice makes not so perfect

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Hey guys I'm sorry I haven't updated in a while but I'm going to try to get this story further along. But this picture is of Chiyuka. and now let's get on with the story.

Ava's POV
" I still don't get it ? " I said to the dance instructor Sesshomaru got for me

" It's a simple 1-2-3 step. Do it AGAIN !!!" the instructor yelled at me

" No I don't get it besides why do I have to dance anyway?" I responded

That's when Sesshomaru decided to speak up after watching this nightmare. " Karu I believe it's time for you to take a break. I need to speak to Ava alone"

"Thank you milord " the instructor bowed to Sesshomaru and quiet left

Sesshomaru then faced me and asked " What is so difficult about this dance? An heir to the eastern lands Gould have more experience with this."

" Well I never was the type of girl who liked dancing lessons. An the last time I danced for people was when I was young and I had to do a fan dance to show myself as the future Lady of the East. And that was a long time ago so I'm that graceful."

Sesshomaru just sighed and took my hand and wrapped one of his arms around my waist.

I have him a confused look as a pink blush appeared on my face. " What are you doing?"

" When the time comes we will have to dance together. This way will be easier for you to learn without as many flaws. Besides your dancing is hard to watch."

" Oh, did the Lord Sesshomaru just make a joke? I consider myself honored ." I joked

" As you should be" he replied

Sesshomaru then began to lead me into a effortless waltz but I was just caught in the moment of how easy it was with him. As he held me in his arms I could feel his muscles tense from underneath his silk like kimono.

Just as the dance was about to end we were interrupted by any annoying voice.

" Milord! Milord! Rin has gone missing! I tried to warn her but she wouldn't listen that insulant girl!" a small green road demon yelled as he was carrying a staff with two faces on it

Sesshomaru growled and dismissed the small demon and faces me once again. " I will see you at dinner I expect you to be behaved while I'm gone" he said and left without a word more

I have one question, whose Rin?

I soon left the ballroom area and just roamed around the castle until I made my way to a small garden where I saw a small human girl with black hair wearing an orange checkered kimono.

I decided to walk up to her but she heard me coming and turned to face me .

" Who are you?" she asked

" I'm Avalia, well Ava for short but i'm the heir to the Eastern lands and an old friend of Sesshomaru."

" You knew Lord Sesshomaru when he was younger"

'This could be fun, might as well enjoy it. ' I thought as I sat on the ground next to the girl

" Yes I knew Sesshomaru when we were younger. But before I start that story I forgot to ask what's your name ?"

" Oh how rude of me, I'm Rin."

"Okay Rin, well I met Sesshomaru when we were very young. He was always taller than me, and even back then he never smiled. But I'll tell you a secret"

She inches in really close so no one could hear

" I made Sesshomaru smile and laugh"

" Wow really!?!!!?!??!" she squealed

" Yes, my father had brought me along to this very castle to speak with Lord InuTaisho. My father knew that I would sit still for long so I just explored the halls until I found this very garden. And there he was training with a wooden sword. And you know what the first thing I said was?"


" You have really long hair for a guy. he gave me a weird look and said ' A demon of your stature should know it's uncommon for demons male and female to ever cut their hair'. I just told him that if he wore his hair down someone might mistake you for a girl."

" I can't believe you said that to Lord Sesshomaru" she shouted suprised

"He didn't believe it either and I just kept saying random stuff like that until he started yelling at me. He got so close to my face that I took his face into my hand and asked ' why are you wearing makeup you're a guy?' and for some strange reason he laughed well chuckled."

" Lady Ava your so strange" Rin said

" You don't know the worst of it like when I was forced to jump of a huge water fall."

We just started talking after that and some how we ended up with flower crowns we made from the flowers in the garden.

" Rin we should get inside so we don't miss dinner."

" Okay Lady Ava" she said as she ran inside to clean up before dinner

" You know you could have said something instead of just watching us " I said as I passed Sesshomaru who was standing in the door way.

" If I did I would have missed the story" he said with another chuckle

" Don't worry I've got a lot more"

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