Catch Me..... If you can

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Okay so here I am with Sesshomaru and my father outside the palace of the eastern lands.

" Oh my little princess, don't be afraid to visit your old dad every now and again." my father said with a watery eye

" I will soon" I then looked at Sesshomaru " Now for you, I want you to chase to to your castle in the western lands. But you have to catch me before I get there, so that means if I get there before you I walk away from this. And if you do catch me I will go along with your whole fake mate thing until it's over. Deal."

" Fine" he said

" Oh and I get a five minute head start"

He just growled being a little more frustrated and nodded

"Alright Sesshomaru, catch me if you can " I said as I jetted into the woods, but what Sesshomaru didn't know was I already made four clones and went over the game plan.


" Alright here is the plan. You four are going to stall Sesshomaru, and since you all are covered in my scent he won't know the difference. And while he is dealing with you I am going to make my way towards his castle." I stated

My clones nodded and got ready for the fight

----------End of Flashback--------

So as I made my way through the trees I could feel Sesshomaru's demonic aura coming towards me. Oh he doesn't know what he is getting himself into. This is going to be fun.

Sesshomaru's POV

After Ava left I turned to her father and he just gave me a hefty smile and walked back into his home. Once I made sure it was five minutes I chased after her scent.

I swiftly made my way towards her until I saw her standing in a meadow smirking at me.

" Oh it looks like the great Lord Sesshomaru has caught up to me so easily. What am I going to do?" She said with her voice filled with sarcasm

Since she was unarmed I decide not to unsheathed tokijin. She smirked and lunged towards me with her claws ready.

I had to admit she was quite strong for a woman of a royal title. Most females in her position are weak and stuck up, she indeed is different.

When I was brought back to reality she took the opportunity to swipe me with her claws. She managed to scratch my cheek and draw a little blood. This made her smirk even larger.

This made me angry and I grabbed her by the neck. I then slammed her into the nearest tree. She smiled at me, no pain or emotion in her red whatsoever.

"Oh Sesshomaru your loosing" she said then she disappeared

' What happened? Where did she go?' I thought unilateral I heard laughing

I turned and notice her holding tokijin in her hand. When was she able to do this? How oils I have been so foolish?

( oh and reader I want to make a point. This is after Naraku and Sesshomaru has two arms and the bakisaiga I think that's how it is spelled so. let's continue)

I unsheathed bakisaiga and we continued to battle. She was quite skilled for someone who doesn't carry any weapons.

" Oh you must be surprised I can fight with a sword. Well just because I don't have one doesn't mean I don't know how to wield on" she said as she jumped away from me

She through tokijin at me and again she disappeared out of sight. then I notice that her scent wasn't I the area or her demonic aura. I growled in frustration knowing that I was tricked by a uncultured wench.

This was going to be a lot harder then I anticipated.

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