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Sesshomaru's POV

When I realized that this wench has trick me I made my way towards my palace quickly. How could I have been tricked so easily?

I growled to myself knowing that this wench has become more if an unexpected challenge then I anticipated. She is showing more potential as an temporary mate, but I do need her cooperation.

Ava's POV

Now I am only a few miles away from the western lands palace. Even though, a few of my clones have been destroyed there is no way Sesshomaru will catch up to me.

He was distracted for to long. Not really the type to turn away from a fight. I guess I can make the best of it.

Good thing I made sure to have a few more clones trail me to make sure if he did figure it out I still would make it out no problem.

Finally I made it to the western lands palace with Sesshomaru no where in sigh but there was a few guards at the front gate.

" Hey lady what do you think you're doing snooping around Lord Sesshomaru's castle?" a guard demanded

" Before you get your underwear in a punch i'll have you know I am waiting for Sesshomaru to arrive. Besides we have a deal to discuss, but that is none of your business " I sharply replied

" Who do you think you are you ungrateful wench!?!!?!?!"

" Heir of the Eastern Lands, Lady Avalia" I said with a smug smirk

" I am so sorry for my rude insolence, Milady" the guard bowed and apologized sincerely

" Alright, now return to your assigned duty. I won't tell Lord Sesshomaru of your rude remark. Now leave. "

" Thank you, Milady. "

The guard soon left and I was alone once again. Looking at Sesshomaru's home it's clear that he take fighting and protection seriously in his lands. The guard was on me right away, and questioned my actions.

It's clear the Sesshomaru is nothing short of a self-righteous prick. And here I thought the world was fresh out of his type. Why me!?!!??

It didn't take long for Sesshomaru to arrive. His armor did look a little banged up and his cold glare was staring straight into my soul. I guess my clones did quite the unexpected number on him.

I love messing with people like that. Expect the Unexpected then I punch you in the face. Didn't expect that did you. (giggle giggle)

" Wow Sesshomaru don't you know that it's impolite to keep a woman waiting." he growled deeply and his glare deepened " I expected more from you. I mean the eldest son of the great InuTaisho, Ruler of the western lands, Strongest demon in the lands; Lord Sesshomaru. And you couldn't even catch me in a simple game of tag. How disappointing. "

" That was weak trick only distracted me for a short amount of time. You are lucky that I simply had to catch you. I, Sesshomaru, do not play such silly games. Like a child,now I believe we had an agreement. you are to be my mate. " Sesshomaru said with the same calm exterior as always

" Hold it! I am not your 'mate'! Remember I said you had to catch me before we made it here, and I never said I would delay you OR mess with you at all. Besides you lost and there is nothing you can do about it. I don't have to be your mate, and there is nothing that you can do to change that. Now aren't you going to show me inside as your guest?"

Sesshomaru pushed past me to enter his palace gates with me tagging behind him. All his sergeants and guards bowed towards him showing respect. Until a servant girl walked towards him.

" Welcome home, Lord Sesshomaru I hope your trip was successfully he nodded not looking towards the young girl " Lady Chiyuka of the cat demon tribe in the western mountains arrived a few days ago looking for you. She will be leaving tomorrow." the girl said as she bowed towards her master

At the name of Chiyuka from the cat tribe shook you to your very core. You loathed this cat. The two of you have hated each other since you were little. She was nothing but a slutty cat that goes after guys who are good looking and powerful. More like a gold digger with her legs open at all times.

I believe she is just jealous cause all the guys rather hung out with me instead of her. Well that could be because I wanted to play in the dirt and fight instead of be a snooty bitch all day.

But this girl was the worst of them all like she would do anything for the guy she wanted and it was always the guy closest to me.

I change my mind

" Sesshomaru on second thought I'll be your fake mate. But when this is over I'm gone and we never have to speak to each other ever again. Deal. "

He jut nodded and lead me to a room with large wooden doors. He opened them and led me in.

It was a bedroom decorated with red and gold with white accents. It was beautiful with a large bed and a full closet with gorgeous kimonos. The room also had a bathroom attached as well.

" This will be your room until further notice " Sesshomaru said. I jumped in surprise because he hadn't said a word since we walked into the palace.

" So what are you going to do about the cat problem?" I inquired

" That is none of your concern, but tomorrow we begin your training tomorrow"


" You need to be a mate worthy of being by my side, and seeing you actions last night was appalling. "

" Hey! I am the one your not worthy for! You just can't handle my awesomeness! "

Sesshomaru took his leave but before he left he said " Be presentable for dinner in an hour. Don't be late" and left without a single word more.

What have I gotten myself into.

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