Meeting the Young Lord

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Make Believe ( Sesshomaru love story )


Meeting the Young Lord

Avalia 's POV

Finally made it back home and Dad is no where in sight. Well at least I get to take a bath before he gets here.

I walked through the palace that I have spent many years living in. It would be a lie if I said I didn't miss it but I'm happy that I have the chance to travel around.

When I finally made it to my bedroom and opened the doors. I was greeted by the familiar scarlet red curtains and bed sheets. Connected to the room was a large bathroom decorated in gold and white. A hot bath had already been prepared for me so I stripped of my dirty clothes and sank into the water.

It was very relaxing and quiet. Until I could hear my father's voice from the front door. Obviously he never learned to lower his voice from my last visit. But what can I do I'm just as loud.

Few more minutes later I got out of the bath and dried off. I tied my waist length hair into a bun and went back into my room. I opened my wardrobe to find a nice kimono. I chose a red one with black design and black obi. It was mid thigh length but comfortable. When I made sure I was presentable I made my way towards the dining room. When I got there it seemed that my father invited a guest for dinner.

I got a good look at him and I had to admit he was very good looking. By his scent I could tell he was also a dog demon. And from the look of his kimono and armor he is royalty, but by the way he is sitting and his attitude he is nothing but a jerk.

When I finally made my presence known and walked into the dining room. First person was my father the our handsome guest. My father stood from his chair and brought me into his arms.

"It's good to have you back my sweet little Ava. Come sit" he said. I obeyed his request and sat in the chair across from him and next to our guest.

Our guest had a scent of jasmine and cherry blossom. But his demeanor made it obvious that he was no stranger to a battle and blood. He came across as a block of ice and a warning. Not my cup of tea exactly, but it's not like he effects my life at all.

"You know Dad I'm not little anymore so could you please stop calling me that." you said

"But you will always be my little pup. And besides you yourself are still a pup so when I call you that it's just referring to your age." he said proudly

"Whatever" you replied lazily

"Oh and before I forget this is Lord Sesshomaru the ruler of the Western Lands. His father was an old friend of mine. I hope you two can be friends and he may seem cold at first but you'll get use to it." he said with a hardy grin

I then looked at Sesshomaru and held out my hand for him to shake but all he did was stare at it and 'hmphed'. I just shrugged at went back to my meal that just had been presented to me. Oh and before I dig in I just want to say I have zero to none dining skills. And I may look like a lady with class but I have none.

I just dug in and ate like I hadn't eaten in years. it only took a moment for me to clean my plate and when I finished licking the last crumb I let out a massive burp. I then wiped the crumbs from my mouth and slumped into my chair.

From the corner of my eye I could see the disgust of Sesshomaru, but there was something else behind his warm golden eyes. What is it?

Sesshomaru's POV

This woman is utterly disgusting. With her title and position she looks nothing more then a foul. But she isn't as useless as I would have expected.

When she arrived I noticed her demonic aura. It's powerful but somewhat playful as well. She could be of use to me. I could train her to be a perfect mate for me but I guess it will take some convincing for her to come with me.

"Hey you should stop glaring at nothing your face could freeze that way" she said

I was surprised that she could talk to me so easily and calmly like we have known each other for years. Usually female demon through themselves at me and are so annoying but she just brushed me off like it was nothing.

"Your different from other females I have met" I said to her

she look at me from the corner of her eyes and said " It sounds like you prefer different"

Avalia of the Eastern Lands you are different indeed

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