Make Believe (Sesshomaru Love Story)

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Make believe ( Sesshomaru Love Story )

Name: Avalia

Age: 19 (in human years)

Type: Full dog demon

Looks: Long white hair that goes to your butt. You have red eyes. You also have a slender figure, but you have curves. You height is just to Sesshomaru's chin. You have a small red triangle underneath both your eyes. And a purple diamond on your forehead.

Personality: You are nice even though you may not appear to be. You love to have fun and play games. And don't really like to stay in one place. You are more of a nomad.

Likes: Having fun, running, fighting, singing

Dislikes: Naraku, Inuyasha, boring people, Totosai, Jaken, and cats

You're one of the last female dog demons. also you are the heir to the eastern lands, but don't want to held down like that. You prefer to have fun and travel than looked at like a piece meat at a fancy party. Your father really wants you to take responsibility for your thrown, but you don't want to. You have no mate. You have all the same powers Sesshomaru has but you can make clones of yourself, btu they aren't permanent ( like shadow clones from Naruto). Oh and in the picture your wearing the same thing. Oh and you don't have a sword, too heavy.

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