Lets Take A Trip

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As Sesshomaru and I were waking tk dinner i suddenly stopped and asked " Do you want to go somewhere fun tomorrow?"

"Hmmm "

"Come on I know you heard me, Sesshomaru"

" I have work to do" he said in his usual not caring tone

" You always work, but come on your young don't you want to have fun. Feel the wind through your hair and touch the clouds. Besides it won't take long I bet you don't have work to do anyway."

" Fine I'll go with you, but it better not be a waste of my time."

" Trust me it won't be." I said as I continued to walk towards the dinning hall.

-----------Time Skip-morning-------

I woke up bright and early this morning just to make sure Sesshomaru can keep up his side of the bargain.

So here I am making my way towards his bedroom, and I'll let you know that it wasn't worth hearing Jokens screeching.

Once I arrived at the large doors I raised my hand to knock on the door but stopped. I began to think about how Sesshomaru works me up yesterday and an evil thought can to my mind.


A ferocious growl was heard bejing the large doors a clawed hand threw the door open. I gave a closed eye smile and when I opened my eyes I saw a shirtless Sesshomaru.

A crimson blush met my cheeks as Sesshomaru gave a tired smirk.

" Great to see that your up. Time to get dressed so we can go on a little journey." I said

He just walked away from the door signaling for me to enter the room. Once I was in I got a good look. It was mostly red with gold designs and white accents. As I looked around Sesshomaru walked into a separate room that was attached to his bedroom and a few minutes later he came back fully dressed.

He gave me a nods and proceeded to walk out the room. As we got into the hallway I took the lead and made my way to the balcony at the end of the hallway. I inhaled and jumped off the ledge.

Landing gracefully on my feet I sprinted into the trees towards the southern region of the western lands.

I looked behind me and Sesshomaru wasn't far behind. Actually he was right next to me. His silky silver hair reflected the morning Suns rays made him look so ..........cute.

Wait? CUTE!




I cannot think he's cute. I mean come on its Sesshomaru.

I shook off the though as we made our way to our destination. A waterfall that crashed into a large river below a steep ridge.

" Okay Sesshomaru now the time to ditch the armor and swords." he gave me smirk as if making fun of me but then glared at the idea of being without his weapons.

" Where we're going if your wear that stuff you'll sink like a stone" I replied
Sesshomaru nodded and continued to take of his armor and the top of his kimono and black boots. I turned my attention back to myself as I took off my own clothes. Leaving myself in black booty shorts and white bandages covering my chest and parts of my ribs.

Once finished I turned to Sesshomaru to see he was finished undressing, but I couldn't help but stare at his sculpted chest. The way his magenta colored marks flowed on his body....Wait! Stop Focus

"Alright Sesshomaru stay behind me don't want you flowing down stream." I said as I took off running towards the waters edge.

Leaping onto the water as I continued running on top of the water and as I reached the edge I swan dived into the water.

The feeling of the cool air rushing into my face made me so at peace. And just free falling like that just cause time to freeze so I could enjoy the moment.

I splashed into the water and Sesshomaru wasn't far behind. I ushered him to follow me.

I led him under the crashing waters and behind the waterfall. I climbed out of the water and proceeded to walk into the dark cave.

We proceeded to climb jagged rocks and crawl through caverns. I couldn't help but look back at Sesshomaru. he seemed even more annoyed then before .

" Don't worry Princess it's right ahead behind that rock."

I wasn't wrong

Once we passed that rock we entered a medium sized cave. Precious gemstones and diamonds embedded into the stone walls. A small pool of water was into the center.

It was like a small glimpse into something magical.

"This cave was owned be a sorceress who was always into someone finding their destiny. It works for demons and humans, do if you look into the water it shows you what you desire most. But it might not be what you wanted but what you need."

Sesshomaru's POV

What a waste of time just to see a cave. Being a Lord I have much more important things to do than to look at a pool of magic water.

Intrigued by the thought of seeing what I desire most I walked up to the pool of water.

The gems that were embedded into the walls began to glow and the water began to ripple.

A vision appeared inside the moving water. A short hair woman in a white nightgown stood on a balcony with her back towards me. She was almost enchanting.

"Sesshomaru, I'll never understand you." she said but her sounded so familiar

"SESSHOMARU SESSHOMARU!!!!!" Ava said " Hey what did you see? You had this weird look on your face."

This was worth the trip but that girl who was she

" Come on let's go" Ava said as she grabbed my arm and began to pull me out of the cave

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