Love and War

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Sorry everyone for not updating. I've been away for the summer and school starts soon so I hope I can get around to finishing the story soon.
Ava's POV

"I HAVE TO WHAT?!??!" I screamed

"Since you are posing as my mate and Lady of my lands you will have to share a bed with me before and after the ball that will be held here in a month " Sesshomaru stated calmly

"But why?????" I sulked back into my seat in his study

" I just told you" he raised his head from his paper work "Stop sulking you look pathetic"

"Ugh fine" I replied " But speaking of pathetic. Whet is Chiyuka?"

"She said she went to visit a friend in a near by village."

"I knew the castle seemed different. It was missing the stench of a desperate whore and rotten fish"

Sesshomaru chuckled under his breath quietly but went back into his stony demeanor.

"Hey Sesshomaru " I asked

He grunted in response

"Come dance with me?"

" And why would I do that?" He smirked

"Well we have to make our 'relationship' look believable. So let's bond" he sighed but agreed as he finished his work and led me to the door

"Awe my big strong Sesshomaru is such a gentleman" I teased

"Don't push it" he glared back to me

" But you love me anyway" he just sped up in front of me as we headed into the ball room

Once we got there Sesshomaru stood at the center  of the room and held his arm out towards me

"Wait we need music first" I said as I made a clone of myself

The clone sauntered over to the piano in the corner of the room and started to play

Sesshomaru then pulled me close as we began to sway to the music. I couldn't help but breathe in his calming scent of Jasmine and summer rain.

"Sesshomaru" I said breaking the sweet silence that filled the air


"Why did you choose me to act as your mate instead of Chiyuka? I mean she seems up for it" I questioned cautiously

"Chiyuka can not hold any title compared to you. You hold so much more than her and that also includes your beauty. Besides felines don't give the affection one desires as a mate of my standards" he stated honestly

"And I do?" I asked as I looked up into his eyes

He didn't answer my question but as we locked into an intense gaze he began to lean in and slammed his lips onto mine. I closed my eyes to enjoy the moment and kissed him back. Our lips moved in a rhythm as if we had done it many times before.

The kisses became passionate and felt as if we were leading into more but the moment ended to soon as screeching interrupted us. "SESSHOMARU, MY LOVE I'M BACK AND I BROUGHT YOU A PRESENT!!"

The doors to the ballroom burst open as me and Sesshomaru separated but he kept a tight hold on my waist. 

"Oh Ave your here" she looked at me with disgust " Your father stopped me on my way back and said he wanted to meet with you immediately at his castle as soon as you get this message "

"Oh okay I guess I should be leave now" I looked at Sesshomaru as his arms loosened from my waist "I'll talk to you when I get back"

He nodded

I walk out the door and passed Chiyuka smirked at me with a mischievous glimmer in her eye

'What does Father need me for?'


Finally she's gone and now I can start my plan to break that little puppy into pieces.

I did go to another village but not to meet a friend. I need a special elixir that would induce any demon into heat for a day. This works by having to said demon drink it and the first person they see they are obsessed with.

And by the time Ava gets back from he little 'trip' Sesshomaru and I will be getting very close to each other.

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