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Make Believe (Sesshomaru Love Story)



Third POV

"Lord Sesshomaru it has come to our attention that you have been without a mate for quite a while. Know that your father was a very powerful demon, we have no fear that you cant contain your lands. But have to know that if you were to pass on without notice, your lands will have an heir to take control. We mean no disrespect" the Lord of the Northern Lands said

Sesshomaru on the other hand was not please with the idea of being weakened by a mate. He has ruled over his lad for hundreds of years and he wont fall prey to such a distraction.

"By all means Lord Naru, I believe that I will not be killed so easily like my father. There is no need for me to find a mate. I refuse to fall for using such emotion" Sesshomaru said in his usual stoic voice

"We understand but I am sorry for speaking out of turn. But I am sorry, but if you don't have a mate in the time of three months; we will be forced to remove you from your position as Lord of the Western Land" the Lord of the Southern Lands replied.

Sesshomaru growled and stood abruptly from his chair and left the room. The Lord of the Easter lands took another sip of his drink and stood.

"Oh come now Shiro, give the young pup a chance. His power is almost as great as his fathers and he is stubborn no less. But putting him in this difficult position will give him the push he needs. But I believe he will change. I am going to take me leave, and so is Sesshomaru. Thank you for the alcohol I do believe I needed it" with that the Lord of the Eastern lands left in step with Sesshomaru.

When Lord of the Southern Lands caught up with Sesshomaru he put his hand on the young Lords shoulder and stopped him.

"Sesshomaru I understand that you are upset, but I believe they have a good purpose for their decision" he said

Sesshomaru smack the older demons hand away and sharply turned around to face the aging demon.

"Their decision is foolish. I don't need a wench for companionship" he growled

"Don't growl at me, Sesshomaru. I may be old, but you are still a put compared to me. You need a few more centuries to catch up with me. Now why don't you come to my palace in the Eastern lands. Besides my daughter is making her way there as we speak. She is about your age , but I must warn you she a bit different from what you are use to. She can be a bit of a handful at time and may fly off the handle, but she is great girl. You might find what you're looking for in her." he insisted to Sesshomaru

Sesshomaru stood there quietly in thought, and nodded in acceptance to his elder. The older demon smiled at his acquaintance and led the way towards his palace.

After a few hours of countless running they made it to the palace of the Eastern Lord. When the Lord walked through the large doors he was greeted by a maid.

"Welcome back, Lord Komashu. I hope you had a good trip." the young maid said joyfully

"Why yes I did have a good trip. Thank Your Miko. Oh and please prepare a room for my guest Lord Sesshomaru and has my daughter arrived yet?"

"Yes milord. She arrived only a few minutes before you did, and your guest room will be ready after dinner."

"Thank you Miko" the young maid bowed and walked away " Now let's get to dinner. There you can meet my darling daughter."

Sesshomaru just nodded and continued walk behind Lord Komashu.

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