Unwanted Visiter

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After Sesshomaru and I fired off we decided to take a walk around the lands, but as we strolled through the woods I could smell a human village.

The closer we got the better I could smell a halfbreed. And this one smelt familiar.

" I knew that was you Sesshomaru" an annoying voice announced

A man in a red kimono jumped out of the trees. He had silver hair and cute little dog ears on the top of his head. I knew exactly who this was. Inuyasha

No even a few minutes later a whole group of idiots ran out into the small clearing. A monk, demon hunter, fox demon cub, and a priestess.

" What are you doing here Sesshomaru?" Inuyasha said again

" Nothing that should concern you. Ava we are leaving" sesshomaru said

" Gladly" i muttered

"AVA!! Come back here and fight me!" Inuyasha demanded

"Shut up! Or I'll cut off your ear again!"

That's right I cut off inuyasha's ear with me flaws. Why because he wouldn't shut up. And his friends were annoying.

" That wasn't a fair fight and you knew it." he argued

I could hear Sesshomaru chuckle with amusement.

It made me smile slightly until I felt a hand on my butt.

" I must say that it's a pleasure to be in the presence of a beautiful woman. Will you do me the honor of bearing my children?" The monk said

I then heard a growl from beside me and then the monk was being held by his throat in the air.

"Sesshomaru let Miroku go!" The demon hunter said

" You filthy monk how dare you say those words to Ava in my presence. If you eve do that again I will not hesitate to ripe you limp from limp." and then Sesshomaru dropped him while he weaned for air

" I apologize Lord Sesshomaru I didn't know this woman was your mate." the monk said

" No no I'm not-" I started

"Yes she is and you better not make that mistake again" Sesshomaru said

When did this happen?

With that he turned and began walking towards the palace once again. We have a lot to talk about.

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