Fight for the Prize

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Sorry everyone for not updating the story but I'm gonna try to be more frequent about it.
It's been a week since Chiyuka showed up and I'm loathing her existence.

Right now I'm trying to get some sleep because Chiyuka had to get real friendly with one of the guards and her room happened to be right next door.

Don't worry I got even because she want as pretty looking when I switched her soap with boar demon manure. But I put a cloaking spell over it to make it seem like nothing happened.

So I was sleeping in room peacefully until my pillow felt wet. I opened my eyes slightly to look at my hand that was covered in a strange liquid.

My eyes widened when I saw red stuff on my hand that looked like blood. I rushed over to the bathroom to look in the mirror and I covered my mouth in horror. My beautiful long white hair was cut sloppily to the base of my neck and my silver color was dyed a bloody red mess.

"AHHHHHHH!!!" I screamed to the top of my lungs as I heard a faint laugh going down the hall

'I'll get her for this! How on earth am I going to fix this mess' I thought frantically

I quickly called for a maid to help me wash out the red coloring and to help trim the rest of my hair.

------Time Skip-------
Sadly when I'm done fixing this disaster I found that I had to cut more of my locks off than intended.

I know had a hair cut the length you would see a pixie have but my bangs were longer in the front so I could cover my left eye with them. But also the red didn't come out fully. The ends of my hair were still red but the rest of it was a cool silver. In truth it didn't look all that bad but I am going to kiss my long hair. Like any girl would but I will get over it.

Just to mess with my dear friend Chiyuka I left a present in her room. It had a nice label to it from Sesshomaru. A brand new bracelet I had gotten from some witches. And they weren't exactly good either.

I walked towards the dinning hall preparing for dinner and spotted sesshomaru at the head of the table with Rin by his side.

He looked up at me " About time you arrived. "

"I had to make a slight change." I replied

"You're hair its been cut."

"Why yes I believe she was indeed due for a make over don't you agree. That long mess of dried out hair needed a snip." Chiyuka boasted as she walked into the room but little did she know that she was green with envy

Rin quickly jumped out of her seat and his behind Lord Sesshomaru in fear.

" I wonder what the little human girl is afraid of hasn't she seen anyone of such beauty and grace as myself." Chiyuka stated

"More like she's frightened by a green monster." you said under your breathe

Sesshomaru also let out a small chuckle at Chiyuka's absentminded-ness

"Oh Sesshomaru I was so happy with the present you left in my room. See I'm wearing it now." Chiyuka said

" Don't be ridiculous I didn't leave a present for the likes of you. And leave at once you look retched. Your scaring Rin. " Sesshomaru replied

"What do you mean I look-" she finally looked at herself through the silverware and she was not pleased

"AHHHHHHHHHH! You Horrible retched mutt! What have you done?!?!" She screeched

"Like you said I just thought you also needed a change. And must I say green looks good on you. Really brings out your true colors" I said as I laughed

She stormed out the room and Run came out from hiding.

"Don't worry Rin the big bad green monster is gone now. How about we go play in the garden. "

"Yay!! Please Lord Sesshomaru can you come too?" She asked with a large grin on her face

"Yeah Lord Sesshomaru it wouldn't be fun without you. " I added with large puppy eyes

He made a small grunt and nodded as he got up from his chair and led us to the garden

Point 1 Ava 0 Chiyuka

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