Dinner chat

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Okay the picture is of Chiyuka so just letting you know and sorry that i havent updated in a while.


After Sesshomaru left I looked through the closet that was filled with beautiful kimono's. I finally decided on one that was red with white flowers and a black obi. I left my wild silver hair down and headed towards the dinning room.

Once I finally got there I was faced with Chiyuka throwing herself at Sesshomaru. Him on the other hand he look like he couldn't be bothered, and sat like stone.

" Oh Sesshomaru, you had me so worried when you weren't here. Why don't you come to my room after dinner so se can catch up? " she tried to say seductively

" Why would he do that? So he can tell you how much of a dirty slut you are, because I could just tell you that. " I said as I say next to Sesshomaru and across

She snapped her head quickly in my direction, " What are you doing here?" she snarled

" I could be asking you the same question, but on the other hand that's none o you business." I replied

Dinner was served. It was quiet and comfortably silent until I get a foot rubbing up the side of my leg. I look up and saw Chiyuka making goo-goo eyes at Sesshomaru.

" Chiyuka that's not Sesshomaru's leg you are play with, and it's not making me want you at all. " I said

" Well it as not for you. Oh and Sesshomaru you never answered my question so we can catch up. " She said

" I will do no such thing with you. I have much work to do in my study. " He said

" Ooh shot down. Rather do work than be with you. " I said under my breathe. She glared daggers at me and went back to her dinner.

" That reminds me Ava I would like to see you in my study before you got to bed." Sesshomaru told me

I just nodded and went back to dinner.

As I ate Chiyuka could help but feel jealousy and anger towards me. How could Sesshomaru rather spend time with me then her? Chiyuka thought about this as she walked to her room to get ready for bed.

Meanwhile after you finished dinner you made your way to Sesshomaru's study. once there you sat in a chair I front of his desk.

" There will be a ball here at my palace in three months and you have to be ready by then. " he spoke

" Okay, but do I really have to train for this?" you asked

" Yes because a woman of your stature does need to. Have the proper skills while being around company. And it is clear to see that you refused to learn these things so I have to teach you."

"Okay what do I have to learn?" you said confused and slightly irritated

" How to eat in front of company, how to dance in a ballroom setting, being a lady worthy of The Lord of the Western lands." he said and he continued his work

" Fine but what time do we start training tomorrow?"

" After Chiyuka leaves at dawn tomorrow" he said

" Yeah can't do that"

He raised an eyebrow and asked "why"

" I don't get up at dawn, to early" I said as I got up and walked out of the room. I could have sworn I heard Sesshomaru whisper something under his breathe as I walked out.


It was dawn and I was seeing of Chiyuka off back to her palace. Her desperate attempts to be with me were utterly annoying. It would be better if Ava was here to lighten the mood but the maids told me that she refused to wake up.

After I finally got rid of Chiyuka, though she did say she would be returning next months, I was able to let out a sigh of relief. Now I am making my way to Ava's room.

After a few minutes I made it I front of the large wooden doors, and as I cracked the door open I could hear her soft breathing. I walked up next to her bed and brushed a piece of hair out of her face.

'She looks so peaceful' I thought

I gently shook her to wake her up, but she was still as stone. I shook her a little harder and still no response. After a few lee failed attempts an evil thought popped into my head.

I grabbed her foot from under the sheets and dragged her out of bed. She shrieked and she hit the cold tiled floor. She looked around for the culprit, her eyes laid upon me.

She shot me an hateful glare as she stood up with the sheets wrapped around her shoulders.

" WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!?!!!" she screamed

I chuckled to myself and said " I told you to wake up at dawn but now it is noon"

"Never do that again!" she growled at me with a spark in her eye

"Just hurry and get ready" I ordered calmly

As she groaned and dragged herself into the bathroom I couldn't but let a small chuckle escape my lips.

She is definatly something different.

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