Claws come out

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"So are you going to tell me what the hell happened back there or am I just going to get keep getting the silent treatment from you" I said

" I do not need to explain myself in any way." Sesshomaru said

"Hum yeah you do. What happened to we're not mates or together at all?"

He continued to ignore me

" Don't just ignore me. SESSHOMARU!"

" We are going back home for more practice." he said over his shoulder

I can't stand him. Okay just wait after this ball then we never have to talk again.

----------------Time Skip----------

" Ava you still don't get the steps to this dance. It's simple let me show you." Sesshomaru stated

He then took my hand and lead as we started to dance. I couldn't help but gaze into his eyes as we swayed. They look like molten gold pools that just pull you in.

Wait what am I saying this is Sesshomaru for Kami sake. Cold heartless Sesshomaru.

"Oh Sesshomaru! My love" a voice screeched

I got pull out of my thoughts when I saw the same ugly pink hair ball in revealing clothes.

" Oh Sesshomaru what are you doing with that mutt? She might give you sometime." I growled at her comment

" Chiyuka what are you doing here?" Sesshomaru asked calmly

" Oh I just couldn't stay away from my true love. And I knew that Ava was here so I didn't want you to suffer alone." she said with a super fake smile

" The only suffering he's going to have is your constant screeching." I retorted

" Sesshomaru you should really think about putting this mutt on a leash."

You practically see the Sparks coming from both of usi

I'm going to claw this bitches eyes out. Or mine so I don't have to look at her fugly face anymore.

" Oh excuse my interruption but dinner is ready." a maid announced

"We are on our way, and please prepare a room for Ms.Chiyuka" Sesshomaru demanded

" But Sesshomaru I would feel a lot safer if I slept in your room." Chiyuka said seductively

" I would want to catch your whore disease." I sneered

" Shut it mutt!" Chiyuka screamed

" Bitch" I replied

" Low life"


"I can't stand you" we both yelled at each other

" I hope you die in your sleep" I whispered

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