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Chapter 25

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If you know what those sentences are from we should be best friends 😂😍🌚😘😭👊


Jerome POV

"Jerome you are the best son I ever had"

"You don't know that yet mama"

"Do I not?"

"Adrien may amount to more than a viner like me mama"

"Downloading vine was the best thing that ever happened to you Jerome, was it not?"

"Yes it was mama"

"Without vine, you would have never met your beautiful fiancé waiting for you in your apartment, and she could have gone a long time ago Jerome"

"I know mama"

We got out of the car. It was a stupid little rental car, with a big green label plastered on the side of it.

I walked up the stairs to my apartment and swung open the door. I excepted to be greeted by Kiera in some pjs relaxed on the sofa, but nope.

Her and Adrien were hugging on the sofa, she was in a blue dress, her hair curled. They stood up. She looked beautiful.

"SURPRISE!" Adrien shouted. I looked around, I forgot they were planning a surprise party.

"Kiera, Adrien, Jerome? Is this for me"

"Yes mama" I said, kissing her cheek and taking my jacket off

Agnes POV

It was beautiful, a large cake was sat in the middle of the table, surrounded but variety of food. On another little table, were two cards and two small little boxes delicately wrapped. Surrounding us were little fairy lights strung up on the wall, with balloons tied to them

Kiera POV

"Thank you so much" She whispered, her hands on her cheeks

"Here's a plate mama, you must be starving" Jerome said, handing us all a plate

I crouched down next to Adrien

"Don't you want to give your present to your mum?" I whispered in his ear

"I don't feel well, I'm going to bed"

He ran into where Agnes was staying, his eyes brimming with tears.

"Adrien!" Jerome shouted, trying to run after him. I grabbed his arm

"Jerome, trust me, I will sort him out, stay with your mum, cut the cake if you want to" I said pecking his lips, and running after Adrien, my heels clip clopping along the floor.

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