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Chapter 19

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Jerome POV

"Mama?" I said, dropping my bags and running to hug her.

"Jerome I missed you!" She said, hugging me back

"Adrien! Mama why did you bring him?" I said, picking up my brother, and spinning him, causing him to giggle.

"He missed you Jerome"

"I missed him to"


Kiera POV

Adrien was to cute. I had seen him on some vines with Jerome. They were to cute together.

"Mama, Adrien, meet Kiera, my fiancé!" Jerome laughed, coming towards me

"Nice to meet you Kiera, your very pretty"

"Thank you Mrs Jarre"

"Please call me Agnes"

"Thank you Agnes"

"Are you going to be my new sister?" said Adrien, looking me up and down

"If you want me to be"

"Your very pretty, I like your ring!" He said, grabbing my hand.

"Jerome gave that to me"

"Jerome is very lucky"

"Why is that"

"He has a pretty girl like you"

"Thank you Adrien" I said, ruffling his hair


"Will they be okay in their Jerome?"

"They will be fine, let's go get you settled"

He led me to his room, it was large, with a king size bed positioned next to the large window. It was clean and tidy, the bed had a blue duvet cover on it. It smelled of his cologne that I loved.

"Just put my bags over their Jerome, I won't unpack"

"No, I will unpack for you"



"Jerome, your mums birthday is tomorrow, what are you doing for her"

"I'm taking her flying, she used to be a pilot"

"She will love it, what about Adrien"

"Oh yeah"

"I will stay home and look after him"

"Are you sure"

"Yeah, we can go to some shops, get a load of snacks, watch some films, maybe go to the beach?"

"Theirs is a nice beach near here, with an ice cream parlour, I could give you some money"


"Yeah princess"

"I love it here already"



"Do you wanna stay here for a while?"


"Thought you would" He said grinning at me.


Short chapter sorry :(

Not in the writing mood,

Not feeling any love from you guys

I'm sorry for the slow updates

Still going to keep going

But the updates will be slow, unless I hit 900 readers

Short chapters for a while, her birthday will be in around 6 chapters.

Ly xxx

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