Chapter 27

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Who else heard about Jerome getting arrested?! All because he came out of a plane toilet in a yellow speedo and an inflatable turtle. Wtf!


Kiera POV

I woke up budled in the duvet and a blanket. The shower was on so Jerome was probably in their. I threw the duvets off of me and got my fluffy dressing gown on. I pulled my hair into a bun and went to the kitchen to make myself a coffee. I filled the kettle up and got 4 mugs out, every body would probably want a hot drink. The kettle was boiling when i noticed a bit of paper on the kitchen table. I picked it up and it read:

Hello Jerome, mama, and Kiera,

I am very sorry, but i have paked my bags and i hav run away. I am tried of beeing a shado behind Jerome. Mama can be happy without me. Dont worry about me, i took some money, i will be okay

au revoir


The mug that was in my hand shattered on the floor. Jerome ran in

"Kiera whats the matter"

"R-read the note"

His face dropped when he finshed the note. He got dressed and banged on his mothers door. She ran out, her hair ruffled, big black bags under her eyes. She read the note, and dropped to the floor, barely missing the glass

Jerome POV

"Dont worry mama, we'll find him"

Kiera went to get dressed, and my mother was sat on the sofa with a cup of coffee, her hands shaking uncontrollably

"Jerome let's go" Kiera came out, grabbing a coat of mine, and slipping on her shoes

"Mama, I promise I will find him" I said to her, squeezing my hand.

We left the apartment, hand in hand.

"Let's go that way" I said, pointing west.

We walked as quick as we could

"Jerome!" Kiera said


"Tweet about it, say your brother is missing, anybody who finds it could have your number or something"

"Good idea babe" I pulled my phone out of my pocket and tweeted

'Guys my little brother is missing in NYC, anybody who finds him and returns him safely to me or my girlfriend can have my number and an add on sc xxx'

The tweet had 15,000 retweets in 10 minutes.

Kiera POV

We searched everywhere. We spent the whole day searching every where. We never gave up. We decided to go back to Jerome's for a hot drink, then to go back out and look across Central Park.

We walked through the door, and my phone beeped. A snapchat.

It was from the girl from yesterday in town.

It was a picture of her and Adrien, sat in what looked like a cafe. I Screenshotted it.

I showed him the picture

"I know where that is! That's the cafe about 2 blocks from here! Come on Kiera let's go!" He grabbed my hand and we ran.

We arrived out of breathe, but their he was, he looked like he had been crying. He looked scared?

Jerome ran through the door and up to Adrien. He grabbed him in his arms and swung him round.

"Adrien!" I yelled in happiness. He was safe.

I looked at the girl sat at the table, but it wasn't who I thought it was.

I walked up to her

"How did you get my snapchat hun?"

"A girl from my school was selling it"


"Our whole school adores Jerome, and now we adore you, you make our ray of sunshine happy, and we accept that your with him."

"Thank you hun, wait a sec"

I walked up to Jerome

"Jerome take a pic with her, and give mine and your number please"

"You know them babe, can you, I'm going to get Adrien a drink"

I walked back over to her

"Now Hun, your going to get your reward, but promise me one thing, you will never sell them, not even for £1000 okay? If you do you will lose our trust, and we promise we will text you back when we can, okay Hun?"

"I promise!"

I gave her our numbers and she left.

Thank god we found him.


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