Chapter 26

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Just wanted to say..............

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Kiera POV

"Adrien?" I whispered walking into the room he ran to

"Go away"

"Adrien what's the matter bud?"

"It doesn't matter, just leave me alone"

"I'm not leaving you alone until you tell me what's the matter"

"No!" I couldn't even see where he was, he sounded like he was coming from under the bed

"Adriennnnnnnn" I said, high pitched.

I walked to the end of the bed, I could now see his feet. I wrapped my hands around his ankles and pulled him out from under the bed. His eyes were red and blotchy.

"Adrien baby what's up?" I said, picking him up and sitting him on my lap

"I-I feel like, I'm not good enough, compared to Jerome"

"That's nonsense!"

"But he earns lots of money, he buys mama lots of presents, he makes her happy"

"Your not old enough to earn money baby, it's okay"



"Can I have some cake, I'm hungry"

"Of course"

He stood up and we walked hand in hand into the kitchen. Adrien walked up to the cut up cake and took a large slice.

"Jerome can I talk to you, in private please"

Jerome POV

"What's up with Adrien princess?"

"I don't know if he wanted me to tell you, but I will anyway"

"He really likes you, you know"

"He's cute"

"Not as cute as you though princess"

"Jerome! were meant to be discussing your brother"

"Sorry princess"

"He feels like he's not good enough...compared to you"

"What! Why!"

"Because you earn lots of money, and buy your mum presents and stuff, he feels like he doesn't make her happy"

"That's so silly, he is so silly, he's not worthless"

"I know"

I hugged him, my head on his chest.

"He will be okay Jerome, I promise"

"Kiera, should we take him out tomorrow?"

"Good idea"

"We'll take him to the arcade, then out for ice cream"

"Okay, now let's go, I want cake, and your mum will be wondering what were doing"

"I WANT CAKE!" Jerome squealed, sounding like a 5 year old girl in a barbie shop

We walked to the kitchen, and sat down all togethor, armed with large piles of cake on the table in front of us.

We ended the day watching films. I fell asleep in Jerome's arms. He ended up carrying me to bed, and falling asleep with me, arm in arm.

This was the life

Too bad I won't have a life in a few months.

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