Chapter 7

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"Are those girls still out their Jerome?" I whispered, puttung all my force against the locked door,

"I can hear whispering, i think so" His accent making my heart melt,

"How long ago did you order room service?"

"Must of been about an hour ago"

The wall phone started playing a funny tune, signalling that someone was ringing us

"You go Kiera, im a bit stronger, i can hold the door" He said, smirking cheekily at me

"Whatever you say sweet cheeks" I said, crawling over to the phone and answering it

"Hello, this is room service, is this Mr Jarre?"

"No its his girlfriend"

"Okay, could you please go to the balcony for your room service, their are too many girls surrounding your door"

"Of course, thank you so much!"

I put the phone back and ran over to the balcony, when Jerome wrapped his muscualar arms around my waist, his chin resting on my neck.

"Jerome! The door!"

"Dont worry, babe, I put a book case and a chest of drawers in front of it"

"Okay, but be warned, girls can be quite strong"

"Whatever you say sweet cheeks"

"Hey! Thats my saying!"

"Whatever you say sweet cheeks"



"Why are we even out here, Kiera?"

"Well, because your little admirers blocked the door, the room service are having to pass up the room service from the balcony next door"

"Im sorry, im just too handsome, some girls fall for me!" He said, grabbing me and swinging my down, until i was only centimetres off the floor, kissing me,

"Excuse me, love birds, room service"

Jerome swung me up, my face going bright red, the man next door passing me and Jerome, a large box each,

"How much did you order Jerome!"

"Just a bit of everything, times by 2!"


"i was hungry, and anyway, you cant have a movie night without lots of food, can you?"

"Nope, you cant, i forgive you, now lets go in, im cold!"

Jerome took the boxes, and walked inside, placing the boxes on the king sized bed, and walking towards the large shelf full of DVD's next to the large TV.

"What films do you wanna watch, horror?"


"If you get scared you can cuddle into me"

"i like the sound of that"



"Can we make a vine?"


He grabbed his phone, and launched himself onto the bed, patting the space next to him, signalling me to come and sit,

i sat next to him, and he started recording

Hi my jerhomies, this is my girlfriend, go on youtube to watch the full video of her, love you

"Can we make a youtube video real quickly please?" He said, pulling a cute puppy dog face, his eyes lighting up

"Okay, but only because I love you"

He out his phone in front of the TV, positioning it, so it could see us, sat on the end of the bed, he pressed record,

Hi jerhomies, as you saw in my last vine, this is my girlfriend Kiera, you should be happy for me, I have finally found the girl of my dreams, now, I still love you guys, but no hate on her okay, follow her on twitter on @horanhugs481, on instagram Jeromejarre_is_life, love you, do you want to say anything Kiera?

Dont worry guys and girls, im not taking him away from you, i love just as much as you do, no hate would be perfect,and I will be stealng his phone soon enough, and the first 50 people tp follow me on instagram,I will follow from Jeromes account, love you !

"You will be stealing my phone now will you, i would like to see you try," He said grabbing my wrists and pinning me down to the bed, straddling my waist, kissing me up and down my neck,

"Jerome! You havent stopped recording!"

"Crap!" He jumped off the bed and stopped recording, uploading the video.

"Jerome, I have over 50 new followers, could i borrow your phone pleaseeeeeeeeeeee!"

"Maybe, or maybe not,but, if you give me a kiss, I might just give it to you now"

I kissed him quickly on his lips, and he handed me his phone,

"I think the jerhomies are going to love you"

"I hope they do"

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