Chapter 13

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Kiera POV

"Jerome?" I said, breaking the silence between us two. We were sat back in his car, driving back to his hotel, where I can sort out my stuff.

"Oui madmoiselle?" He said, grinning at me,

"How do you know my birthday? I don't remember telling you that...."

"I did my homework" He said, winking at me,

"Your middle name is Joanne, after your grandmother, you have liked all of my vines, retweeted 179 of my tweets, replied to 215 of them saying how much you love me, you once begged your dad to come and meet me when I came to London, but you couldn't because you had a hospital appointment, and you cried the whole way through it, and right now on your right wrist you are wearing a gold watch which your great grandmother left for you in her will when she died, but it doesn't work and is stuck at 13.27pm...."

"How do you know all of this?"

"Some from your dad, some from my mum.."

"Your mum?"

"My mum stalked through my twitter and counted them all..."

"Does your mum have a lot of spare time?"



We went back to being silent.

I decided to turn the radio on, the tension in the air being so thick you could cut it with a knife and serve it on a plate.

Boom Clap by Charlie XCX came on. Jerome almost punched the radio to change it over.

"Jerome! I liked that song"

"It reminds me of Ansel"


"Sorry Princess"

"What for?"

"For being a bit moody and stuff"

"It's fine"

"No it's not baby, now, what were going to do is, go to the shopping centre, your going to pick a brand new dress, I don't care the price, a new pair of shoes, and any make up that you want. Then your going to get your nails done whilst I sort out some things, then were going to go for a long drive to my favourite place to eat. Sound like a good plan? And I forgot to add, I'm paying for it all, don't protest, I'm not going to take no for an answer!"



"Let me finish! Jerome, that sounds like the best plan ever!"

"Good, it's obviously because I thought of it"

"But you don't have to buy me makeup, I don't wear any"

"Good, I don't like girls that cover up the real beauty with a load of chemicals"

We sat their, listening to some old classical station. Their was no longer any tension in the air. I was planning my outfit out. Their was this cheap dress in Primark that I liked, with some pumps I would look decent right?

"And if your thinking of buying a dress from Primark, think again my princess"

"What's so wrong with Primark?" I said, fake crying and pouting

"A princess has to have the best clothing you can get" He said, smiling at me, a smile that could make a million heartbroken girls fall in love. A smile that could lighten up a thousand people moods, a smile, that made me fall in love all over again.

"Where are you planning on buying me a dress from then, Mr Fashionista Pants?"


"Holy fudge balls Jerome! It's like £700 dollars just to breathe in that god forsaken shop"

"Any thing for my Princess" he said, pinching my cheek, and speaking like a 5 year old.





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