Chapter 6

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Our lips disconnected and Jerome looked directly into my eyes, a worried look plastered on his perfect face.

"I have dreamed you would do that since i met you this morning"

"So you wouldn't mind if i did it again?"

"Not one bit"

Jeromes lips crashed into mine once more, but this time I kissed back, catching him by surprise. I felt his arms wrap around me in an embrace, as our lips pulled apart. We must have stood their for a couple of minutes before Jerome released me,

"Im hungry, know any decent Pizza places around here?"

"Only if you have a car, do you?"

"Yeah, its parked at the hotel im staying at, just around from your house"

"Thats quite far from here, shall we get a taxi?"

"I havent seen any driving around here, so we cant"

"England is different from America, we have to call for a taxi, but i forgot my phone!"

"Its fine, i have mine, i think, no, baise! I left it in my car!"

"Its fine, we'll just walk"

"Okay, Kiera, I just want to say I am sorry, I really am"

"Its fine Jerome, juts dont bring it up, now lets get walking before it starts to rain"

Jerome took my hand, and we walked down the road. I started shivering uncontrollably, the milshake that had soaked all of the back of my tshirt wass making me cold in the typical english weather.

"Are you cold Kiera?"

"A little, but were almost at your hotel now, so I will be fine"

"No, I dont want you catching a cold!" He emphasised, pulling off his own jacket and wrapping it around me. I must admit it was big, and warm, and it smelt of his cologne, which maded me happy. He took my hand once again, and we strolled hand in hand towards the entrance to his hotel.

We were greeted by a worried looking hotel manager

"Hello Mr Jarre, We would like you and your friend to use the back entrance to our hotel, for your own safety"

"How come Sir?"

"Well Mr Jarre, their are a few hundred girls surrounding the front entrance waiting for you, I think one of them has actually hacked into our computers and found out that you were staying with us!"

"Wow! Okay, Thank you Sir, Here is a tip for your troubles"

Jerome pulled out his wallet and handed the manager a £10 note,

"Thank you Mr Jarre, I would go now, before they see you!"

Jerome took my hand and pulled me around the back of the hotel, walking past a new Porsche Boxster GTS, in a vibrant red colour.

"This is my car, its a beauty isnt it?"

"Yes, its a really nice colour"

"But its not as beautiful as you"

Jerome cupped my face and kissed me lightly on the lips,


"Quickly Kiera, run!"

"Jerome I cant, I have cancer of the lungs, I cant run!"

"Jump on my back!"

I jumped on his back, and he ran through the back door, and up one flight of stairs, before reaching his room,

"Thank you Jerome"

"Anything for you beautiful"

This made my cheeks go a burning red colour, and Jerome chuckled as he pulled out his keys to open the door. The silence between us was broken as screams and heavy footprints were coming from the flight of stairs.

"Baise! They are fast!"

He managed to get the door open just as the first crazy fan reached the top of the stairs. Jerome pushed me in before him and locked and bolted the door behind us.

"Welcome to my home Kiera!"

"What, so you like own this room?"

"Well I do now, I was always planning to stay with you as long as you wanted me to, so I said why not buy this room, and its near you, which is even better!"

"Jerome, lets sit down and talk about this"


I sat down on the king sized bed and motioned him to sit next to me

"Okay, Jerome, Are we togethor?"

"I would like to be, but its up to you"

"I would like to be aswell"

"Okay, well thats good, because i wouldnt have been able to handle you saying no, your to beautiful to let go of"

"Jerome, how long are you going to stay, like here, with me?"

"How ever long you want me to, princess"

"Really! You will stay with me for how long I want you to!"

"Anything for you!"


Once I finished my sentence, Kiera broke down, crying uncontorllably

"Kiera! Are you okay, whats the matter?"

"Nobody has done anything like this for me! I have dreamt that you would stay with me, and we would fall in love, and nonsense like that, but i never imagined it would come true!"

"Kiera, I love you, and I will do anything to make you happy!"

"Can you order some room service?"

"Of course, anything for you, princess!"

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