These Days

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Sleep and self care, what's that?

Is it some kind of dog or cat?

You say they're essential parts to staying in good health, you say

I've heard of them, I used to care about my ways

But no longer am I that concerned of salads, body lotions, perfume, or looks even

I just want to get home after work, in the evening

I feel alone, like no one understands me

Now that I think about it, no one around really knows what it's like to be me

Trying to balance work, school, social and more

I just want to get out of this nightmare and soar

So far above are my dreams

Impossible to reach they seem

But no matter what, I will succeed

I will plant my American seed

I will graduate, tall and with pride

With my mother, brother and the rest of my family by my side

I have no idea what the future holds for a girl such as I

I just know that I am really, aiming for the sky

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⏰ Last updated: Sep 03, 2019 ⏰

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