Kyoya-Senpai x Reader (OHSHC)

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As I walk down the long halls of Ouran, I come across an abandoned music room

Shrugging, I open the door; hopefully I can find a quiet place to study soon

However, instead of finding a peaceful room, I find a group of handsome boys

One with black hair and glasses caught my eye... Why do I suddenly feel so coy?

"Well hello there, you must be new to Ouran Academy," the boy in glasses said

"Please, allow me to introduce our host family,"

Outstretching his hand, I suddenly felt sweaty

I took his hand, and everything else became of little importance; petty

He introduced me to Honey and Mori Senpai, the twins too

Haruhi and Tamaki, and then he explained to me what the host club strives to do

I wasn't really listening to anything he said throughout the tour

The only thing I was actually paying attention to was his eyes, those orbs that never bore

After staring for what seemed like hours, I spoke to the guy

"And who are you?" I asked, shy

"Who, me? Surely you must know," he replied smoothly

"I am Kyoya Ootori, third heir to the Ootori throne,"

Throne? What is he, royalty?

"I have many subjects, loyal only to me," he continued, a smirk on his face

"What country do you rule, Prince Ootori?" I asked, addressing him formally, my heart in a race

"I rule no country, but I do rule your heart,"

"Well, aren't you smart?"

"Indeed I am, my accounting skills are unrivaled in this school," Kyoya replied

"Well, I just so happen to be a real princess myself," I lied

"No you're not. I know you rule no kingdom," Kyoya replied with a smirk

"Well, neither do-"

"The only place you rule my dear, is my emotions," he said... This guy's driving me berserk

Never letting go of my hand, the bell struck 12:15

"I'll accompany you to class, class 4B am I right?" he asked, smiling at me

"Uh... Yeah, you're right,"

"Of course I am, how could I not be?" he said, squeezing my hand tight

Leaving me at my class door, I stood in front of him, silent

"I think you're going to be more than my client,"

And with that, we parted ways

"I'll see you soon, Y/N/Kyoya, one of these days,"

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