Dream Boy

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I met a boy last night

He was tall, sharp and bright

His eyes and hair sparkled under the glitter moon

And his smile... Oh his smile, was enough to make any girl swoon

He caught my eye, and I caught his

As he approached me, I had to clench my fist

He asked my name, with a voice ever so gentle

I got curious, so I did the same... Have I gone mental?

I thought I was done with boys for now, how could I fancy him?

I thought there was no one, who my heart, they could pin

Yet he managed to do it, within seconds at that

I actually started worrying if I looked fat

'NO! KRYSTAL! SHUT UP!' I mentally screamed at myself

'You're just attracted by his looks,' I told my stupid self

'Love at first sight doesn't exist,' I scoffed

'I have better things to do, than hang with their lot,'

Yet my actions contradicted what I was thinking in my conscience brain

My walls were crumbling, like sand castles in the face of the sea and the rain

I'm bad at names, so I forgot his within the hour

Throughout the night, the dream boy made my crush look very sour

Unlike the guy I once fell for

This one really hit my heart's core

It came time to eat dinner at the hotel the party was held

On my chair, I nearly fell

So much happened in so little time

I was asking my friend, if I looked fine

She chuckled, telling me I looked good

I really just needed some food

Why the same young man approached my table, and sat across from me, I don't know

I didn't dare complain, though

He just sat there, quiet as a mouse

As if he were my boyfriend, eating dinner at my house

Finally, he spoke, a slight blush on his face

"Will you go out with me?" Well, that shook me out of place

My heart screamed 'yes!', but experience exclaimed a firm 'NO!'

I wasn't ready, not for a long shot, my emotional health was just too low

I rejected him at first, too heartbroken to explore what he could offer

For my brain was stubborn

I had felt broken, tossed into the flame

I felt powerless when the boy I had fallen for, rejected me, I felt so lame

The boy I met grew sad at my response

I sighed, because of me, he experienced being lost

He only got up, and looked at me dead in my eyes

He sighed...

"Okay, but please... Accept this," and he gave me an almond seed

Huh? What? That's not what I want or need

"If you reconsider me... Meet me at the beach at midnight," and he walked off quickly out of the dining hall

I couldn't do anything, besides sit there in awe

He really did want to be with me, didn't he?

He still had hope... It's like he knew what I'd gone through

Yet he knew that I was still the one he wanted to 'woo'

Me, a girl who's nowhere near a model

A girl who really doesn't like to be fondled

I am awkward, a nerd, and all the opposite of a dream girl

Yet to him, I was a pearl

I held the almond in my hand for hours, knowing what I'd do at midnight

I'd make sure that I was a beautiful sight

I put on a white summer dress, and tied my hair back

I made sure that my beauty was a fact

I dressed up pretty, yet simply

No make up on... Okay, slightly

I met him under the full moon and steady waves

We danced, and danced, and danced the night away

We waltzed, by the way

The rest is a blur, but I know it was breath taking

It was the most precious memories I was making

But it all had to end...

With the boy I met last night...

That perfect guy and I said our goodbyes

I had to leave, to both our dismays

I would never know when my eyes, on him, I will lay

Probably never, want to know why?

Because it was all a dream, one that nearly died

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