Sebastian Micheallis x Reader (Black Butler)

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Walking out and about my manor, free

I hear a knock on the door, "It must be Earl Phantomhive!" I said with glee

Mother and father both looked at me, smiles on both their faces

"You'll finally see your cousin once more, Y/N" my father said, as he finished tieing my my brother's shoe laces

Our maid Maria opened the door, and in came the Earl of Phantomhive

"Ciel! You came, at last! And punctual as ever!" I said as I embraced him, he merely sighed

"Come now Y/N, it's only been a month or so,"

"I've still missed you though!"

Pulling back, I looked up at his Butler in black

I noticed that on his right hand, he held a large sack

"What's this for Ciel? Christmas is over!" I said, perplexed

"It's your birthday today, is it not?" he replied, snapping his fingers next

Sebastian nodded, and gently placed the sack down

I opened it, and I found specially crafted gifts from nobles in other towns!

Pulling out a doll, a doll house and so much more

I jumped into Ciel's arms, who was still at the door

"Thank you, thank you, thank you, Cousin!"

"Don't thank me, Y/N, thank Sebastian," Ciel said. I looked up once more, and frowned at him

"What's wrong Lady Y/N? Is picking your presents for my master such a sin?"

"Why did YOU pick them FOR him? Why couldn't you tell him to do it himself!?" I said, puffing my five-year-old cheeks

"My little lady, as his Butler, I had to do it. What's the matter? Do you not like the presents?" Sebastian asked, holding a bunny ever so pink

Staring at the bunny and back at Sebastian, I took the stuffed bunny

"Thank you, Uncle Sebby!" As I jumped into his arms, my day ever so much more sunny

This time aiming my eyes downward, I see a depressed Ciel

"Cousin Ciel, thank you for remembering my birthday!" I said, at least he did that much well

Seemingly better, Ciel smiled slightly at me

"Happy birthday Y/N," Ciel replied

"I'll be the biggest five-year-old girl, you'll see!"

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