Son Goku (Dragon Ball Z)

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Hi! My name's Goku!

I love food, but especially hate tofu, yuck!

I'm a meat eater till the day I die... Which I hope isn't tomorrow or in a week from now

I have a family to protect, and enemies to take down

I fight alongside my best buddy Vegeta, we get along so well too!

(Vegeta) "Fuck you!"

The best!

Together we fight those who put us to the test

It's kinda fun if you think about it

Well, not so much for the enemies who I leave to die in a pit...

However, sometimes they don't die, and actually survive

Take Frieza for example, he came back alive

But it didn't matter if they died the first time or not

Their decision to kill me, ends them up in Hell's boiling pot

Don't take me as an assassin though, I'm nothing like Hit

In fact, I'm more than a bit of a softie, that I'll openly admit

Do I have a favorite saying? Of course!

"When you fall off of your horse, you get right back up, and you eat that horse!"

Always helps me when I feel emotionally drained out!

I told that to my best buddy, but looks like he didn't understand it because all he said was, "What the hell are you on about?!"

Hehehe, guess not everyone can understand that saying

Stay strong my friends, and remember; don't stay calm, or you won't turn Super Saiyan!

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