Rapheal (TMNT)

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As I jump from rooftop to rooftop, I see a lot of crime

Smirking at the sight, I jump down and slash them with my sais

Foot clan, Purple Dragons, you name it, they're all easy to defeat

Except maybe Shredder, who sits in his lair on his high seat

I look around once more, after hours of hitting things

I see no more Purple Dragons, Foot Clan or thieves

Odd, normally there'd be more knuckleheads to beat

No matter, I've burned off my steam

Turning around, heading back home

I really need to apologize to Mikey for smashing his T-Phone

Now that I've finally cooled off, I jump back into the sewer

I realize that the amount of thefts and attempted murders are growing fewer 

Shredder's up to something, who knows what

He's probably recruiting gang members, Foot Clan and that big kitty cat

Don't know why, but that's just my first thought that comes to mind

Ha! They're stupid if they think they can take ME out easily

I'll become they're worst nightmare, if they ever come near me

Be it my brothers, sensei, my friends or me directly

Touch one of them, and you'll become scrap metal Shreddy

But then again, there's no telling what will happen in this war against our foe

We can only keep out guard up, and hope we see the night light of tommorow

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