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You read the title guys, leave your requests here!
Requests work like this:
- State the name of the character and/or issue you want me to write about.
- Choose the emotion you want the poem to be
- Do you want it to rhyme?
- Do you want a plot linked to it?
- Spanish or English?

Example: Poem about Sebastian Micheallis, feeling of loyalty, rhyming, plot, English

As I walk in down town London, behind my young master of course

I notice a man behind us, following us, with a hidden gun of sorts

I identified the man to be Harris Teeter.

He was the local drug dealer, assasin and mafia leader

What a bore he is, he shows no sneaking skills

I'm sure that it will get him killed

Yet I say nothing, I simply keep walking

I look at my young master, who was simply yawning

He cared about nothing besides wagging his tail for the Queen

I don't blame him, he has me as his knight, to protect him; the king

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