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No one requested it... I'm just bored

I wake up, and look around

There was no natural light to be seen, no blankets to be found

'Where the hell am I?' I thought to myself, trying to feel for my phone

Had I been kidnapped? Was I all alone?

"Hello?" I asked into the darkness, hoping for an answer

"H-Hello?" Replied a voice, their intentions seemingly pure

"Where are we?!" I asked frantically, fright audible in my tone

"You don't know?!" A voice suddenly boomed, their voice hard as stone.

"No, I really don't! And why the hell is it so hot here?!" I boomed back, suddenly feeling confident

"It isn't hot down here by some unfortunate incident," I heard the same voice growl

I then heard crying in the distance, then total silence, I then smelled something foul

"Oi, are you okay over there?!" I asked... No response

The smell kept getting worse, it became so bad that it exceeded the smell of food left untouched for many months

In a matter of minutes, I felt an urge to throw up

A few seconds later, I actually threw up

"Have an idea now, you fool?"

"Ah shit... Am I at school?"

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