Chapter 23

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3 month's later...

Nobody's POV

You know that feeling you get when you feel like you're being watched. Melanie has been jumpy, and paranoid. She could feel eyes on her.

On her way from work, she spotted this guy cross the street staring at her. The first thought to come to her mind was to call Anthony, but she didn't want to seem like no lil bitch. She might be overreacting and the nigga might not even been looking at her....

The guy was staring at her, he had been following her ass for 2 and a half months now. He just knew she had something to do with the disappearance of his home boy Keenan. This was the broad Steel told him Keenan got mixed up with before dropped off the map.

He wasn't gone lie and say shorty wasn't beautiful, but in the end it's always the beautiful ones that get yo ass fucked up. He had been watching her ass to figure out where Keenan ass was at, but has so far came up short.

"You know where my nigga at, and I'm gone make sure you tell me."

Anthony's POV

 Shit been running smooth as hell these last few months

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Shit been running smooth as hell these last few months. I opened up a tattoo parlor with my boy Nip, and business is booming. Kehlani and Smoke tied the knot two months ago, and guess who caught the flowers...Melanie. Nip gone joke and said it was gone be our ass jumping the broom this time next year.

I ain't see nothing wrong with that. I don't see my ass with anybody else for the rest of my life, but Melanie.

Speaking of her crazy ass, shit has been getting real nice between us. I've taken her on a few dates in the last few months, and we do family shit together with Aubree and Mani. Even though we haven't gotten intimate, I know we real close to getting back together.

I'm always over her house, and she always smiling up in my face or laid up under me. My baby love me.

"Move Anthony, I'm trying to finish." Right now I'm sitting on the floor between her legs letting her rebraid my hair. She got these short ass shorts on showing off her sexy ass legs. She pops me in the side of the head with the comb. "God Damn Mel, shit that shit hurt."

"I know it did, it was supposed to stop rubbing on my legs you pervert."

I get up on my knees turning around towards her sliding my hands up her thighs. "Pervert, you used to love me rubbing on legs, especially when you made me cuddle up with yo ass."

She pushes me back a little bit, "Yeah whatever get yo rough ass hands off me." I bite my lip leaning back in towards her, "Come on now Mel you know you used too be in love with these rough ass hands, especially when used too..." She put her hand over my mouth stopping me from talking.

"Shut yo nasty behind up Anthony Deshawn Brewster." I move hand standing up scooping her ass up in my arms with her thighs wrapped around my waist. "Oh you ain't seen nasty yet." I carried her ass upstair to her room, and dumped her on the bed.

I get on top kissing and biting on Mel's neck gaining lil moans and shit outta her. I ain't been inside somebody's guys in a minute, and the guts I wanna be digging out is hers.

Mel flips us over straddle me sitting right on my dick. I sit up going back in for her kisses. She yanks my head back by my freshly done braids, and I was bout to cuss her ass out, until she began kissing and biting on my neck. She began scraping her teeth down my neck and licking it as she grinding her ass on my dick.

"G-God damn Mel, you bouta make a nigga nut in his shorts and shit." She giggles kissing my lips, then we get to sloppy kissing each other pulling each other clothes off. I flip us back over to get from under Mel. "Damn girl, you gone end up pregnant with another one of my sons if you keep on doing all that."

"Oh no thank you, there's a condom in the table drawer." My face scrunch up, "And what we need that fah, you bout to have all 8 of my kids." She straight face my ass, "You either put the condom on Anthony or I'm going back downstairs."

I grunt getting up opening the nightstand draw and grabbing a condom. Ripping the foil open with my teeth. I drop my shorts and briefs. I look up at Melanie as I slid on the condom. She was just staring at my dick licking her lips.

Melanie is the true definition of a lady in the streets, but a freak in the sheets.

"You ready fah me," I asked looking at her licking my lips. "Bring it to me Daddy."

Oooooo nigggggga. I get back on the bed between her legs, and smash my lips into hers gripping her thighs bout to slid in, when....

A phone began ringing. Biting Mel's lip, I froze. I was bout to pretend I didn't hear until it rang again, and I knew for fact that it was my phone. "You have got to be kidding me," I hissed leaning up off of Melanie reaching down on the floor for my shorts. I pull out my phone seeing that it was Chris ass that called me. I see a message pop up from both him and Smoke, that asked me to come down to the trap. I felt like fighting the air.

I get up, and began putting my clothes on, all while silently cussing both Chris and Mike out at the same time causing Mel to laugh.

"It's ok Anthony I'll still be here when you get back."

"Oh you better be, cause I swear I'm turning my phone off, and yo legs gone be up in the air all night." She laughs as I leave out the room. She can think it's a game if she wants to. She gone have to call off of work tomorrow, cause I'm for damn sure fucking up her walk.


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