Chapter 19

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Melanie's POV

Today's the day man, I have to set up Keenan

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Today's the day man, I have to set up Keenan. I ain't gone front, and say I'm not on the verge of shitting myself. I'll be glad when this whole thing is over, so I can focus all my attention on my son, finishing school, and my job.

I'm in my bedroom curling my hair, when Anthony walks in. "You know you don't have to do this if you don't want to."

"I know, but I want to. Nip is like one of my brothers, I feel like I have a duty to Lauren and Kross to at least try and help Nipsey out in any way that I can."

"Yeah but what if some shit go sideways, and you get caught up in the mix, what about Amani. You putting your life on the line, but have you even thought about what that will do to him."

I look up at Anthony as he stood there looking hella pissed with his arms crossed. I place down the curlers really looking at him. "I know that my son will be in the more than capable hands of his father, who will move heaven and Earth to always be there for him. I have fate that everything will run smoothly tonight, you will be there to pull me out of danger if need be, so I'm not worried."

I go back to curling my hair as Anthony stood there staring at me. I finish my hair just as T-Mac or as I like to call him Timothy, his actual name, or Timbo walks in. "You ready," He asks.

"As ready as I'll ever be Timothy," I stated standing up. He rolls his eyes motioning his hand telling me to come on. I look back at Anthony, before following behind Tim out the door.

I get down to my living room seeing my three other brothers. I pull out my phone going to FaceTime Keenan.

 I pull out my phone going to FaceTime Keenan

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"What's up baby girl."

"Hey Keenan, long time no see."

"I know right, where you been hiding at."

I damn near choked on my spit when he said that. I look up at Anthony, who was already looking at me, before turning my attention back to my phone.

"You know me I'm always on the move between work, school, and Amani."

"Mmmhmm, well what you need baby."

"I was wondering if you wanted to go get dinner with me tonight."


"Yeah you know sitting down in a nice restaurant grabbing some food, while we catch up."

"Mmm that don't sound to bad, where were you thinking about going."

I put my finger to my chin with this fake thinking look, before looking back at him. "How about that restaurant you took me to for our first date. I already set up the reservation."

"Sounds like a plan, you want me to come get you?"

"No I'm already out the door heading there, I got so excited wanting to show you my new dress I got, I'll just meet you there."

He chuckles leaning down towards the phone.

"Alright beautiful I'll see you in a few minutes."

I put on a fake flirtatious smile, "Alright Mr. Harris."

I hang up looking up at everybody. "Damn Mel, you are one hell of an actress," Sterling jokes laughing causing my other brothers to laugh.

"You know Mel always been a lil actress, lying her ass off in front of momma and pops on our asses," Leander states causing the guys to laugh more.

I roll my eyes turning my attention to Anthony. "Can we go now, or are we waiting on the giggle sisters to get they shit together?"

Anthony smiles shaking his head. We leave my house heading to the restaurant. I tell the hostess my name, and she led me to a table.

You know that feeling you get, when you get hella nervous, like it's this invisible heavy weight on your chest.

I feel like I'm bout to have a asthma attack. I ask a waiter for a glass of water, as I sit there waiting.

I get a text from Keenan saying he was outside, just as Anthony approaches the table.

"Uhh What are you doing, he's bout to come in," I said looking at him crazy. "I was just coming over to check up on you, you shaking like a fucking leaf over here, but now you gotta get yo ass up and out of here."

I get up following the crowd of people out the back way, where the waiter was escorting everyone else out. I get outside to an alley way, and made my way across the street to T-Mac's SUV. I got inside the truck, and watched as the restaurant lights went out.

My eyebrows scrunch up in confusion, until I see a couple flashes of lights as if a gun went off. I found myself slowly sliding back out of the truck. I was waiting on everybody to come out. Smoke, Chris, Leander, Sterling, and a few others came spilling out of the building. I had yet to lay eyes on Anthony, and this sinking filling started to settle in my stomach as T-Mac came walking out with this sad look on his face, and blood on his shirt.

"Di-Did you guys get him," I ask hoping and praying that that blood didn't belong to who I thought it did.

"No he slipped out of there fast," Leander hissed slamming his fist down on the hood looking angry as fuck. My breath got caught in my throat, "Then who's blood..."

I was cut off by seeing Anthony rushing out of the building cover in blood with Mike, and they were carrying Rashawn in their arms, who's head was hanging and his clothes were covered in blood.

"Oh God." Putting my hand over my mouth looking at the scene before me, I felt so sick. My little brother man.

"Aye we gotta get him to a hospital asap, he's not looking to good," Anthony shouts helping getting Shawn into the back seat.

God Please don't take my lil bro from me.

God Please don't take my lil bro from me

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