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8 years Later....

Anthony's POV

Everything is running smooth as hell round town

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Everything is running smooth as hell round town. In the past few years, I managed to minimize my street appearance and started making major grown man moves.

I open up my own tattoo parlor. Shit I figured since I got a whole bunch of them, I might as well open up my own joint. I also went half with TK and opened up a center for the youth of our community. Nipsey and the other guys also chipped and are serving as volunteers at the McIntyre Community Center, named in honor of a neighborhood hero that saved a whole bunch of kids including myself from throwing our lives in the trash.

I'm still in the streets, not as much especially now that I'm a married man with 3 plus kids. Yeah that's right your boy locked shit down, and came through on his promise.

"Come on Anthony, we're already running behind schedule, because you taking to dang on long getting dressed, just dragging yo feet, while I on the other hand managed to get not only myself ready, I also helped the kids out, got the all downstairs ready to go," Melanie nagged waddling her sexy ass into the room.

At six months pregnant with our forth, and final child, she keeps claiming this will be, she still manages to look amazing. There's something about Melanie being a bomb ass mother that makes not able to keep my hands off her. Between her coaching Amani on doing good in school, getting Aubree into ballet classes, keeping our 5 year old son Keshawn at the top of his A game in Pre-K, and baking our soon to be daughter Brianna in her stomach, and still managing to be a kick ass lawyer, Melanie is a bad ass woman.

"Relax mommas I'm done getting ready, all I'm doing is fixing my tie," I replied looking over at her, before looking back into the dresser mirror straightening my tie.

"Hurry up its not everyday one of your friends get married," She states making me scoff. "Uhh yes they can Mel, it's called divorce and remarrying."

She rolls her eyes at me, "Keep on with yo smart ass mouth Anthony, and you gone be the one divorced and remarrying somebody." I laughing making my way over to her. I peak her pouty lips a few times before pulling her into my arms rocking her a bit.

She pulls back from me rubbing circles on her stomach, "Are we ready to go now, do I have to remind that you are a groomsman in the wedding and I'm one of the bridesmaids. We're in the wedding."

"Alright, alright lets go." I grab her hand helping her walk downstairs to the living room. "Alright y'all lets roll out."

Getting everybody loaded up into the car, I drove to the venue, where Tori and TK we're getting married.

Damn that shit still sound crazy ass hell to say, Tori and TK getting married. I though for sure Tori wasn't gone give TK the time of day. TK ass was persistent.

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