Chapter 13

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Nipsey's POV

I'm up in my office in my house, that I share with my lady Lauren

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I'm up in my office in my house, that I share with my lady Lauren. I was working on a contract I was about to fax off to a prospective client off in New York, when my phone rang. It was Smoke. "What you need Smoke,"I said answering the phone tucking it between my shoulder and ear, and I continued to work on the contract.

"Aye Nip you gotta get down here man, Duce is here, and he's asking to speak to you, saying it's real urgent."

I grab my phone in my hand sitting back in my seat, "Duce, you talking bout Duce from that Santo's gang cross town."

"Yeah man, he said he ain't leaving til he speak to you man."

"Ight tell him to sit tight I'm on my way."

"Ight Nip."

"Aye is Ant up there."

"Not yet, but he said he is on his way."

"Ight well here I come."

"Ight Nip."

I hung up standing reaching down unlocking the draw to the left of my desk. I grab my heat tucking it in the back of my pants.

A Santo wants to talk to me. It must be hella important if he won't talk to nobody else but me.

I jog downstairs grabbing a set of keys off the wall once I reach the garage. I hop in my all blue Camaro, and crank it up. I hit a button opening the garage pulling out. Once I hit the street I noticed a car parked across the street, the window was crack, and it looked like somebody was sitting inside. I guess they saw me looking in their direction, because hurry up and pull.

Aww yeah some shit going on. It can't be no coincidence, Santo's wanna talk to me, and somebody sitting outside my house watching it. Somebody must be plotting against me. I pull out my phone calling Lauren, putting it on speaker as I drove towards the trap.


"Baby where you at?"

"I'm at the mall with Kross shopping."

"Ight when you done there go to Lani or Mel's house, don't go to the house."

"Why, is there something wrong?"

"I don't really know what's going on yet, all I know is somebody was sitting outside the house watching it. I'm about to go down to the trap to get some answers. I need you and Kross  safe at somebody's house, until I give you the word to move, ok?"

"Ok baby, I love you."

"I love you too baby."

She hung up just as I pulled up to the trap. I saw Ant's truck. Good he is here. Reason why I want Ant here, is because he's my right hand man. I may be Luther's right hand man, but Ant is mine. I don't do any type of business unless Ant can come with me. I trust Ant with my life.

He will pull the trigger if he feels something ain't right, and I would do the same for him. We may not be blood related, but that's my brother for life.

I get out my car walking inside. I make my way upstairs, and down a long hallway. I knew exactly where they were without even having to ask. They were in my office.

I walk in and the first thing I see is Ant, he is standing off to the side with his usual mug on his face staring at the side Duce's head.

"I'm here, so what is it that you need to talk to me about, that you couldn't tell nobody else," I state walking over to my desk. "I didn't know who to trust, especially seeing that it is your life on the line," Duce said crossing his arms looking me dead in the eye.

"Life on the line, what you mean his life on the line, are you threatening him my nigga," Ant hissed reaching behind back going for his glock. "No I'm here to inform him, my friend here, Spooky has some information for you."

The Hispanic guy to Duce's left clears his throat, "I have an informant that heard plans of an attack on you. The guy who wants to do it, wants to take you out to take down Luther and this whole set up you guys got going."

"You got any idea who this supposed guy after Nip's head is," Smoke asked causing Spooky to look over at Ant, who's eyebrows scrunched as he was about to say something, Spooky says, "His baby mama does, he's her new boyfriend."

"Seems to me the guy has worked his way into your backyard," Duce states with smirk on his face, "He's using your right hand man's ex woman to get to you."

"You know what he look like Ant," Mike asks.

"Hell nah, but I wish I did, shit man," Ant exclaims running his hands down his face.

"I'm afraid that is all the information we have for you guys, but hey I'm willing to lend a helping hand since you guys happen to be our top clients," Duce states turning to leave with Spooky following behind him, "You know how to reach me."

Once they leave, I turn my attention to Ant, who was walking towards the door. "Where you going?"

"I'm going to talk to Melanie."

Shit I got a target on my back, and the nigga probably has been watching me and my families every move.


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