Chapter 26

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Omar ain't with the times, he falling off, and it's time somebody step the fuck up and put his old ass down, permanently. And perfect person for the job would be me.

I walk my ass into in office seeing him sitting behind his desk blowing smoke in the air, just as some broad got up off her knees wiping the corners of her mouth.

I shake my head as she walks past me giving me this ugly ass smile and a wave. Bitch if you don't get yo yuck mouth ass away from me.

"What can I do for you my brother," Omar asks pulling my attention back to him. I walk further into the room. "I came to talk business."

"Business," Omar said raising his eyebrows, "What kind of business?"

"I think we should start doing business wit Domino, he has this new drug on his hands, that has completely taken over the club circuit an..."

I was cut off by Omar raising his hand, "Let me stop you there lil nigga, I'm bout tired of you niggas coming up in my face with this bullshit. I'm the motherfucka that's in charge round this bitch, and I say what we will and will not be selling round this bitch. We stick to the basics round this bitch. You work for me, so stead of coming in here wasting my time how bout you take yo ass out there and make me money."

He turns around in his chair, and I stood up. "That's what's wrong with you old heads, so stuck on doing things the basic way, because that's what you're used to. This is the 21st century, and it's time you get with the fucking program or step away from the table."

Omar spends around in his chair, "Nigga you still he..." I whip out my gun, and sent a shot to his dome. He fell back in his chair dead. "I was gone give you the option to walk away, but you pissed me off."

I slip my gun back into the back of my pants, and sit on the edge of the desk just as the door burst open. I look up to see it was Steel. "This here establishment is now under new management, spread the word."
Over the past few days, I been making major changes, especially to Omar's office...well shit my office now.

I look around that bitch smiling to myself, before leaving out jogging downstairs. I received a few nods and "What's up boss?" on my way out. I hop in my car, and pull off.

I drove across town til I reached my destination. I get out making way to the front. I knock, and a woman comes to the door. I put on a fake polite smile. "Hi is Jawan home."

"Yeah, who's asking?" I clear my throat crossing my arms, "I'm his friend, I live up the street, tell him his friend Tyrek is at the door."

She eyed me for a bit, before she left the doorway. I grip my chin thinking, until Jawan appeared in the doorway. His eyes widen at the sight of me. I look him over, shifting my head telling him to follow me. "Come talk to me."

We walk to my car, and hop in. I pull off driving off. Getting on the highway, I sit back in my seat looking over at the kid. He looked like he was bout to shit himself. "So what happened, you clearly didn't accomplish the task that I assigned you."

"S-She shot me, and h-her nigga and his friends showed up." I nod my head clenching my hands around the stirring wheel. "Hmmm I gotta go bout this a whole nother way."

"Ca-Can you drop me by Omar's, he called me a few days ago about a job."

A smile spread cross my face, "You don't have to worry bout him, I got a job for you to do though. I told you I was taking you up under my wing. I got you lil homie."

"Th-Thanks TK."


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