Chapter 27

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Melanie's POV

I'm tired as hell man

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I'm tired as hell man. I have been working my ass off no stop at the office, I have been busting my ass at school preparing for graduation, I have been cleaning up behind three human beings, and all I want to do is just roll up in my bed and sleep for a couple of days.

What am I doing now, I'm in the office preparing briefs for my boss. I am pulling an all nighter, because he "needs" them by 9 am tomorrow morning.

The kids are with London, who claimed she wanted to see all her babies, because they seem to be growing up too fast. Anthony ass probably somewhere running around with the guys. If he ain't up under me and the kids, he out with the boys running the streets "taking care of business" as he likes to say so much.

I huff sitting back in my chair running my hands down my face. I can just do this shit at the house bruh, sitting it this office making me want throw stuff around and break shit.

I get up cutting the computer off, and made my  way out grabbing my bag. I make my way to the elevator waving goodbye to a few of my fellow coworkers who had also decided to pull all nighters.

I make my way down to the garage. Yawning, I walk sluggishly to my car, and pop the trunk putting my bag. I hear a sound making me look up, and some feet away I see somebody with a ski mask on.

I moan throwing punches in the air. "Bruh what the helllllll, why y'all gotta come fuck with me, I'm too tired for this shit!"

He began walking towards me as I turn reaching in my trunk looking for something to defend myself with. "Oh uh uh, you got the right bitch today. I'm about to give you the best ass whooping of yo life. Fucking with me Melanie Davis, and I'm tired as hell too. You got the right bitch today. Yup I'm for sure am about to whoop yo ass."

I reach further into the trunk only to be pushed in. "Shit!" I turn my body looking up to see it was a much larger dude in a ski mask. He snatched the keys out my hand. Bitch what th..." I was cut off by him closing the trunk on my ass. "Son of a bitch!" I go to feeling around for my phone, just as I feel the car turn on.

I feel my phone to the left of me, and grab it. I turn it on, and went to Anthony's contact. I shoot him a text know that if I call and the dude hears me talking he might stop the car and murder my ass or something.

"Anthony I'm being kidnapped in my own car."

"What the hell are you talking about Mel?"

"I am locked in my trunk right now being kidnapped by some dude in a ski mask, you know I don't do well with tight spaces track my phone and come rescue me Ant."

"Sit tight I'm on my way."

"🤨😒I can't exactly go anywhere if I'm trapped in the trunk of my own car Deshawn."

I fell the car jerk as it stops moving. I hurry up and stuff my bra hoping and praying that they wouldn't search me, and Anthony and the guys could track the phone.

The truck opens and bright lights shine down on me I squint my eyes as I heard a voice say, "Damn I said bring her here, I didn't mean to bring her in the trunk of a car."

I see two guys wearing ski masks standing opposite sides of this guy that was wearing this purple silk shirt, and blinding jewelry.

He holds his hand out, "Sorry bout this gorgeous, I just have a few questions to ask you, and you'll be free to go." My scrunched up looking at this guy. He was giving me the politest smile in the world even though he just admitted not even 2 minutes ago that he orchestrated my kidnapping.

What the fuck is going on here?

What the fuck is going on here?

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